This weekend we went to IKEA. I found some great cotton fabric on sale. It was a precut package of 44×197″ for just 15 euros!!! The cotton feels really nice, and is not so translucent as the famous words fabric you see on so many quilts. I bought the goldfish cotton fabric in the middle … Continue reading

Friday Finish

Friday Finish

Thank you all very much for all of your kind words on my last two posts. I have not had a chance to answer all of your comments. Please know that I have read them all and am very grateful for such kind people!!! The last four weeks have not been super productive on the … Continue reading

My first quilts #1

My first quilts #1

Yesterday I was looking though some old emails that I had sent to a friend and I found one that contained pictures of my two very first quilts. I did not know I still had those pictures. The quilts were created around April of 2010. My first two quilts are still in use, but are … Continue reading

Spreading the love

Spreading the love

What a wonderful Friday! I have just finished the Soy Amado quilt! YAY!!! I am so happy with the orange sashing. Orange and blue are opposites in the colour wheel and therefore enhance each other! The quilt now POPS! Just compare with this picture without the orange! Much better, right? Some fabrics in this quilt … Continue reading

Grandma to the rescue

Grandma to the rescue

… or actually not grandma, but grandma’s! The old Pfaff, that used to be my grandma’s, was still purring with joy when I worked on her this evening. I made one more heart shape block. This time I tried to use a different feather technique. Here you bump back from the top of the feather … Continue reading

Sunday Love

Sunday Love

Here are more blocks for the Soy Amado quilt. I knew I would not have any time to quilt this week :-( so I saved these pictures from last week. Anyway, I hope to be able to a bit of quilting tomorrow and thursday. I still have 4 more blocks to go to get to … Continue reading

Soy Amado & McTavishing 2

It is Monday, so it is time to show you some more McTavishing! I finished 5 blocks in the last week for the Soy Amado quilt. Four of these have my version of McTavishing on them. Looking at these 4 blocks, I see elements that I like and elements that I do not like. I have analyzed … Continue reading

Friday Finishes!

To celebrate the release of Chugging Along last week I held a giveaway! One of the winners was Renee from Quilts of a Feather. She contacted me afterwards and let me know that she would prefer it if someone else got the patterns set. She already had so many projects on the go! So we agreed that she … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

Is the sun shining for you? We’re enjoying a gorgeous day here with 20 degrees Celsius, blue skies and a fierce wind! To celebrate the arrival of Spring I have decided to lower the prices of all my paper piecing patterns, except for Honey Honey and the newest collection of Chugging Along of course!    :-) For the … Continue reading

“By Jove! I think she’s got it”

No no, no musical blog post here but I could go on and on about Eliza Doolittles costume to the races…. THAT HAT! I want to bet that I would look awesome in it!!! ( Creative strip-piecing anyone? This photograph could easily be the inspiration of a modern quilt!) I finally figured out what to do with the blue … Continue reading


I have got 5 winners to share with you today. No not 4, but 5! Those of you who have been by my side when this pattern was being developed, may remember that I said that I would give a complete set to the one who gave me the best ideas for blocks to add to … Continue reading

Chugging Along – Finished!!!

It is done! The paper piecing pattern “Chugging Along” is finally finished! Last night I uploaded the various sets to Craftsy and I will add the individual blocks in the upcoming days. It will take a while as there are 31 separate blocks. (Yes not 30… I needed one more!) The GIVEAWAY for this pattern is … Continue reading

Soy Amado & McTavishing

Three weeks ago I showed you some orphan blocks I quilted up for the block drive run by Little Island Quilting in the UK. They are creating scrappy quilts with 12,5 inch blocks from all over the world. The quilts are going to Mexico City for a home of former street children. This week there … Continue reading

Out of the box

A week full of sewing and designing! I worked on two baby boy quilts and I also managed to sew the blocks together from the massive “Chugging Along” project! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! For those who have not seen the picture of the “Chugging Along” train pattern, here is a picture: Want to see more pictures of … Continue reading

Chock-full Chug

So you wanted to see the top of “Chugging Along”, right? Drum roll please! Taada! Some detail shots too? Here you go! JUST KIDDING! Here is the front: I have got three rows done, using all of the blocks in the “Chugging Along” set, except for one. I want to add more rows, just NO MORE … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY – Chugging Along

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!!!! I am almost done…. ALMOST! I will show you the quilt top I have made with the trains in the next couple of days, but I can reveal what the pattern now looks like. It turned into a 30 block monster of a train! Yes, 30 blocks! The pattern will be released … Continue reading


Try to say that fast three times! ;-) Stephanie from Quarter Incher organized another great swap in January of this year! It was time for round 2 of the Triple-Zip-Pouch Swap. These were the rules as discribed by Stephanie: Make a triple-zip pouch based on your secret partners requests. You can alter the pouch size … Continue reading

Quiltish # 2

Everywhere I go, I see patchwork patterns…. I AM NOT KIDDING!  :-) They seem to be following me… Baptist fans,  and a thousand pyramids disguised as two fold away bags. (Oh my, those magnets just had to come home with me too.) More baptist fans, now in the form of a dish towel… And then there … Continue reading

Groovy Seventies

One of my friends just had her third baby! After two gorgeous boys, now there is a new shiny little girl! The baby’s room was decorated in groovy seventies colours like yellow, orange and brown. Are you digging it? Nobody knew if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl, so the … Continue reading

Sunday Blocks

This week I was struck by a blog post by Alison from “Little Island Quilting“. She constructed a quilt top from donated blocks from quilters from all over the world. The quilt will be donated to a charity for street children in Mexico City. Read more about it here and here. Alison is asking our help! You … Continue reading

The mother lode

I hit the jackpot! Look what I found in a second-hand market this morning: 1970′s pillow cases! They are ginormous, really HUGE! I think you could hide a kid in there. The seller and my mum too said that they are probably from Germany were pillows tend to be larger. LARGER? These would have been able to … Continue reading

Fun times

Shena sent me this picture! Did you spot the little conductor? Oh boy, he is cute! The red-brown flowery fabric of the locomotive really looks bit like rust or old metal. Great choice, Shena! I have been paper piecing too… (once more of the green fabric was ordered and delivered!) … more blocks for “Chugging … Continue reading

Randomly full

This is a bit of a random post with some sewing to start of with! Last Friday I showed you Marjorie’s block of the water tower. She has already finished the other block too! I really love the “oily” fabric on the metal parts of the train. Have you seen the great wheels? Aren’t they … Continue reading

Caboose on the loose

Last week many of you suggested I add a caboose to my train… … so here it is! The pattern was finished yesterday and I pieced it this evening! I am totally running out of the green fabric. I never intended for the train to get this long, ha ha!!! I have tried to find … Continue reading

Chugging Along – test 01

As we speak /read the testers are hard at work trying out the “Chugging Along” pattern. I have sent out the paper piecing patterns for the different blocks to “roam the world”.  By the middle of February the results will come in and I can show you all of the wonderful work of the fabulous … Continue reading

Giveaway – we have a winner!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for coming to my blogaversary party this Thursday! I had a blast reading all of your comments and already have been eyeing those recommended webshops and notions! I forsee some shopping in the near fututre! SO… I put all of your names in the bowl…. And Susan’s name was on … Continue reading

Blogaversary – 1 year!

AMAZING!!! 1 year… …ago I started this blog, and I am so happy I did! My life has changed for the better. Quilting and blogging have become my creative outlet to a busy fulltime teaching job as an art teacher in a high school / college. I so needed my own creative process and growth … Continue reading

Chugging along

So I had a new paper piecing idea… …and the idea grew and grew. And now I am drawing up all kinds of railroad cars and ‘stuff’! These are the test blocks for block 1 and 2. Each block is 8×8 inches. Four blocks are already drawn up, a fifth is on its way and … Continue reading

Kitsch & Stash

Eeks, tomorrow it will be “back to work”!!! And I just got used to having vacation…. :-) As a farewell gift to the holiday season I started with the first block for the Sew Kitschy BoM by wonderful Kristy of Quietplay. Each month a new block will be made available for free. YES, FREE! This … Continue reading

Win some, lose some

Happy new year everyone! I hope you are all well and rested before Monday arrives! That is the day school starts again and holidays are definitely over. Today I have started a big clean up of the sewing room and moved out all of the bags of papers that need to be sorted. That will … Continue reading