I patch and quilt!

Welcome to my blog! This is the last new year’s resolution on my to-do-list: starting a blog about quilting! CHECK!

I so love looking in other people’s quilting “kitchens” that I really want to be part of the quilting community with my own blog. Maybe I can inspire other people too?

I would love to hear your opinion on my quilting adventures. Every quilt is an education for me, still. I started quilting over three years ago with a book a dear friend gave me for my birthday and 5 FQ’s from a hobby shop. Since then I have been an avid blog reader, collector of tutorials, and late night watcher of YouTube movies on quilting, of course ;-). I too have been hoarding fabric and colourful quilting books! I also love to design my own patterns, which I would like to share with you all in the future.

In the last summer holiday I came to the conclusion that quilting really made me happy! The joy of constructing a new quilt, with little bits of love, just thrills my heart! I had bought fabric that summer for three projects I had planned for the whole of this year, but I finished them in just one month…. and I just kept on going! Many new quilts have been made these last few months.

Want to see what I came up with? I will add my best quilts until so far in the next few days!

Hope to hear from you soon!



6 thoughts on “I patch and quilt!

  1. Welcome to blogland! It is a lot of fun sharing and blogging about quilting!!

    I received your lovely email about pattern testing for me, but unfortunately couldn’t find an email to reply to you. So if you’re still keen, would love to hear from you!
    kristyqp at gmail dot com

  2. Hallo Esther,

    Je vader (een collega van me) stuurde me de link van dje blog.
    Ik Quilt sinds 1995, en ik kan me indenken dat je een beginnende verslaafde bent.
    Er komt nog veel meer op je af.
    Als je bij je vader op bezoek kom, en interesse hebt om contact op te nemen, en eventueel mijn verslavende onderdelen van deze hobby wilt zien, dan ben je welkom.
    Ik woon niet ver bij je ouders vandaan.

    Barbara Jennekens.

    • Hoi Barbara,
      Tja verslaving is een goede beschrijving, ha ha! Het brengt me in ieder geval veel plezier! Ik zal inderdaad contact opnemen om eens je quiltschatten te komen bekijken.
      Mogelijk tot gauw

  3. Hoi Esther:

    Hoe gaat het met de quilt voor je broer? Is die nu in elkaar gezet? Ziet gewoonweg schitterend uit. Ook gezien dat je geluk hebt gehad met het vinden van messen in “gewone” hardware store. Daar gaan we hier ook eens naar zoeken.
    Tot later

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