Dotty tumbler lap quilt.

2013-01-17-tumbler 04

In my previous and first post I wrote about buying fabric for three projects. This little lap quilt is one of the results of summertime quilting. Most projects I have done in the last years were “give-aways” for family and friends. I will keep this one just for myself.

I drew the tumbler shape myself but I studied many tutorials before I started. I actually wanted to get a scrappy effect with the little pieces, but when I was all done it turned out I had used TOO MUCH ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS and it came out too mathematical. See how the colours repeat themself in each row? Maybe next time I will throw all the pieces in a baggy and pull one piece at a time randomly.

2013-01-17-tumbler 01

The little scraps of this beautiful fabric I used for a border. I just love how it turned out. The binding was done with dark brown fabric with dots. It turned out that all of the fabric had some kind of dot or circle design on it.

Size ca. 31” x 32”



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