Vroom vroom!


Vroom vroom, here come the racecars! Three years ago I designed a quilt for my newborn nephew T with a similar racecar. I almost made myself go nuts with the complexity of the whole thing. I would like not to go into detail as it will only show how stubborn I can be, ha ha! But I can reveal it had something to do with block sizes. I will never make that “sizing mistake” again, for sure. It took me more than 5 months to finish that quilt.

Now the design is back! VROOM, full speed! Nephew number two has made his entrance (mister M) and he also needs a racecar quilt! Don’t you think?

I designed this pattern using mainly rectangles and HST. It should be relativly simple. Just the piecing might not be. I just hope I can keep track of what I am doing. I will need to make myself a design wall, that is for sure.

I have designed this pattern in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The design consists of two parts for the car that will be pieced in seperate rows.

Here are the two parts of the car.



My plan is to piece the segments/rows like this:

racecar zigzag 02-piecing

I have not decided yet on the size of the quilt or the colour scheme.  And of course I just need to find the perfect fabric……

What do you think about the colour scheme? Should I stick with the red, white and blue or go multi colour?



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