Wish upon a star.

Well, my assignment for Australia is finished already! I really had fun testing out Kristy’s (Quietplay) new alphabet pattern. I couldn’t let it go! So early this morning, after doing some household chores I promissed myself I would to do first, I finished the other three letters. I was to make the word WISH. Yesterday I started with the letter I. Easy one to start with!

So, here are some pictures of the results. First two pictures of the paper piecing “in action” so you get a feel for what it looks like on the back op the paper.

2013-01-20-letters 05 2013-01-20-letters 06

And new for the result (drum roll, please!):

2013-01-20-letters 07

I am quite happy with the letters. The letters S was the hardest of course, and I did that one last. Mmm, maybe not such a smart idea, because I had to unpick pieces several times. The concentration was not there anymore, but I wanted to see the final result like NOW! I can be impatient like that.

Other quilters from all over the world, I believe,  are piecing words like DREAM, BEAUTY and AMAZE. All of these words will be send to Australia, were Kristy will make a charity quilt of them all. The quilt or quilts will go to those who recently lost their homes in the Tasmanian bushfires.

I will send my pieced word off tomorrow or the day after that so it will be in time in Australia. I also made something else to go into the package: a little star! “Wish upon a star”, right? I choose to do a seven pointed star, like the one on the Australian flag. Boy, it was hard to piece. I printed a picture of that commonwealth star several times and started drawing lines so I knew what to cut and what to sew through… The little parts itself are easy, just not putting the 7 parts together.(note to myself:  There should be a better way to do this, I need to look into that.) The star is not perfect, but I thought it would be nice to add to the back of the quilt. If Kristy has other plans for the backing of the quilt, she may use the star for something else. I used the same blue fabric as before.

2013-01-20-letters 08

Which wish has come true for you today?



5 thoughts on “Wish upon a star.

  1. Oh love! Your WISH block looks fantastic!! S is definitely a tricky one to piece!

    I love love love the star – what a beautiful thought – thank you! It will most definitely go on the quilt!

    • Hi Gina,Thank you for the compliment! I am thinking about making a pattern for a seven sided star one of these days…. but first get my pattern “freedom” tested and completed. Have a nice day!

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