Ups and downs.

My brother asked me to make him a bed quilt, a large one…. He chose a design with zigzags in gray I found online. I have tried to find that website again to show you the original, but I can not find it anymore. When I do find it again, I will add the link here.

My brother requested purple added to his design. We decided on 5 horizontal bands bound with gray. Other dark colours were to be added to make the quilt bigger.

2013-01-23-Quilt Alex-03

I started to work on this quilt in November. I started by assembling Quarter Square Triangles and then I laid out a pattern on my livingroom floor. Each band of zigzags was quilted onto a nice stripy fabric I found online in a German store. Each band of zigzags is attached to the gray stripes by Quilt As You Go. I have quilted the zigzag with a straight stitch alongside the edges. In the local fabric store I found invisible thread in “white”and “dark”. I used a normal thread on the back and the invisible on the front. On the picture of the back you can see the zig zag too.

2013-01-23-01-zigzag Alex-04

2013-01-23-01-zigzag Alex-03

Directly after Christmas I was in Florence, Italy,  for a week so I could not quilt much during the Holidays. (I will write more about inspirational Florence in later posts). Yesterday I wanted to take WIP up again and piece another row. Everything went rather quickly and I was happy to get further on with this monster project….. but I had forgotten, that in the two previous bands, before piecing the parts together, I had trimmed each square to the right size. I did not do this with the pieces of the third row…..OOPS!

2013-01-23-01-zigzag Alex-02

The new band is too long! OH NO !!! (Insert nasty words of your own choice) I will have to take everything apart again!

Just not today! Maybe I will have “recovered from this mistake” in the weekend. I will tackle it then, MAYBE!


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