Disappearing game.

Today I wanted to work on something very simple. Simple but with great results. So I tried out the “Disappearing Nine Patch” as seen in this YouTube video by the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love browsing through their videos. They are so good!

I used three of my “stash fabrics”. Two are solids (grey and light blue) and one is a small pattern in emerald and gold. I have tried three different lay-outs. (The colours in the photo’s are awful… it is late and I’m taking pictures indoors. Maybe I can take better pictures in the weekend))

2013-01-24-disappearing set 03 this becomes that 2013-01-24-disappearing set 03-b

2013-01-24-disappearing set 02 this becomes that 2013-01-24-disappearing set 02-b

2013-01-24-disappearing set 01 and this becomes that  2013-01-24-disappearing set 01-b

I think the last one in my favourite. Which one do you like best?


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