Twisting and turning.

So today is a twisty turny day! I wanted to experiment with turning and mirroring a pattern and see what the results would be. This is pattern “tile” I designed.

half chevron-tile

And all of the next pictures are patterns made from this same tile by turning and mirroring it. Enjoy!

A. half chevron-pattern A

B. half chevron-pattern B

C. half chevron-pattern C

D. half chevron-pattern D

E. half chevron-pattern E

F. half chevron-pattern F

G. half chevron-pattern G

H. half chevron-pattern H

I. half chevron-pattern I

J. half chevron-pattern J

K. half chevron-pattern K

L. half chevron-pattern L

I particular like patterns C, H and I. Which are your favourites?

Have a nice weekend!


Please do not copy or redistribute these patterns in any form. You may sell items made from the patterns on a small scale. They must be handmade by you, not mass produced. If you sell online, please include “Pattern designed by Esther @” within the description.

2 thoughts on “Twisting and turning.

  1. I like your design, Esther. May I ask what program you used for these designs?
    Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

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