More Up than Down

So yesterday I tackled the “cutting error” on my brothers quilt. I took out my seamripper… and it saw some action. About half of the band was taken apart, cut to size and than assembled again. Pfff, not much fun, but it needed to be done. The next few days I will do the other half.

Before: 2013-01-27-Quilt Alex 01 2013-01-27-Quilt Alex 02

After: 2013-01-27-Quilt Alex 04

I am happy that I could fix my mistake. Not cutting enough of is always better than cutting of too much, right?

The zig zag lines are still not perfect, but that can not be fixed anymore. I did not cut the fabric to the correct size  to begin with (is there a theme emerging here? 😉 ), so my triangles are not all on a 45 degree angle. So quilting for me is still an education. I have discovered that actually this might not be a blog on quilting, but one on patience! 🙂

I also pieced the bordeaux coloured star that I blogged about here and here. The photo is blurry. I will have to retake that tomorrow.

2013-01-27-bordeaux ster


And of course, I could not help myself and design a star myself. This is what the finished article looks like.

2013-01-27-rode streepjes ster

I am still working on ONE MORE star pattern. I will show you that in the next blog entry!

I hope you have a nice Sunday evening!



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