Tutorial designing your own pattern.

Just two days days ago I showed you a few designs that I came up with. You can read about them here. I was asked by Elisabeth what program I use for designing my patterns. Well I use many… I start out with Adobe Illustrator. Then I go to Adobe Photoshop and I end up at Microsoft Word to place and turn the “tiles”.

This is how I do it:

Adobe Illustrator:

I use a grid template that I have made myself. You can make one yourself by drawing horizontal and vertical lines. This is what my grid pattern looks like. I have tried to upload this document , but I have failed. If you would like mine, please let me know and I will send it to you by e-mail.

2013-01-28-raster AI

With the line tool you can draw lines that are “sticky”. (this tool looks like a little line) So the first click is the starting point of your line . Hold the left mouse clicker down and move the arrow to the desired location and let go. Now you have a line! You can reposition the line by using the dark arrow in the “toolbox” that you can see on the right in my picture. When you click on that particular line it will turn blue. Now you can move the line or adjust it.

When you have drawn all of your lines, it will look something like this:

2013-01-28-raster AI-zigzag

When you are happy with the design you “select all”, by using the combination CTRL + A. Everything of your design will turn blue, like this:

2013-01-28-raster AI-zigzag-selectie

Now open a new program: Adobe Photoshop: (Do not close Adobe Illustrator yet! You might still need it if something goes wrong.)

When the program has started up you can open a new document. You do this by using the combination CRTL + N. The new document will automatically be the right size for the picture you have selected in the other program (neat right?)

2013-01-28-raster PS-nieuw document

Click OK and you will end up with a white empty document of the same size as your design.

Now you use the combination CRTL+ V. Your selection will now be pasted onto the new document. BUT because they are two different types of programs you will have to confirm first that you want the drawing to become “PIXELS”.

2013-01-28-raster PS-plakken

When you have confirmed that you want it to become a pixel image, this is what you get:2013-01-28-raster PS-geplakt

Now just a few more things before you can use some COLOUR!!! The fun part is almost there…

1. Click on the tool that looks like two arrows crossed. This is in the “tool box” on the top right.

A new window will open asking you to paste the picture down (or something like that) Please confirm. The diagonal lines in the picture will disappear.

2. Go to the top of you screen and click on “layer”. Almost all the way on the bottom of that pop up window there is an option the flatten the layers into one. Select this. Maybe it is smart to save your picture now, just to be safe!

Now you can start choosing your colour with the little pipette: YEAH!

2013-01-28-raster PS-kleur kiezen

Now you have to change the settings on the pencil tool. This one is below the pipette in the toolbox. Change the size to the maximum of  2500. Careful… that is big! In the picture below you can see the setting of 1. So change to 2500.

2013-01-28-raster PS-potlood selecteren

Now you get to be a fairy godmother… a little bit! Select the “magic wand”, this is the second down from the top, on the right in the “tool box”.

2013-01-28-raster PS-selctie vakje maken

Go to your design and click on the area you want coloured. You can select more than one by using the mouse and holding the SHIFT button down. The selection will be marked with dotted lines that look like they are moving.

2013-01-28-raster PS-selectie gemaakt

Go back to your toolbox and select the pencil. Now click on the design. The selection will be filled in with the colour you have chosen.

2013-01-28-raster PS-selectie kleuren rood

Use the magic wand to select new areas you want to colour, and so on!

Go crazy, go nuts, use as much colour as you like! 😉

ontwerpje voor tutorial tekenen patroon

Save your image as JPG or JPEG. SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT!!

Go the Microsoft word. Open a new document and insert your picture. You can click on the picture and scale it down. Be careful not to distort! When scaling down, also push the SHIFT button. This way your are not distorting your design. Copy your little picture and paste it again (CTRL + C and than CRTL + V) and again and again and again and again… until you have enough little tiles on your screen.

You can turn or mirror the little pictures by clicking on one picture twice fast. Automatically a “lay out” window (thingy) pops up on the top of your screen. Look for the strange little symbol of two dark blue triangles. Click on that symbol and you can choose which way you want your picture turned (left or right) or even mirror it horizontally or vertically. HAVE FUN doing this all!

You can save the Word document to your computer or even make it into a PDF file.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Tutorial designing your own pattern.

  1. Hello Esther, thanks for sharing your experience. This sounds very easy. Greetings from Austria and Keep Quilting!

    • Thank you! I hope that people will give this method a try. You would need all of those computer programs though, but I think that most people have access to them. Good luck! If you run into trouble using this method, please let me know.

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