The new old.

For the longest time this little cabinet stood in my cellar. This little beauty was my grandmother Paula’s. She bought it in 1961, as the little manual tells us. Yes, this is a sewing machine!!! In this cabinet houses an extremely heavy PFAFF 260 machine that goes through leather like it was butter (I have been told).

As quilting is becoming more and more important for me, my brother-in-law was so kind to overhaul this machine for me. (He repairs and sells sewing machines for a living. Very handy, right? 😉 ) He replaced one cog-wheel, I think, and told me to be careful with the machine. Of course I will! It is precious to me.

2013-01-29-machine oma 02

This is what the machine looks like when you open the door and fold the table down. Actually the ergonomics of this table are terrible. You can not possibly sit behind the machine straight. You have to sit in the middle of the machine and not in front of the needle. So we have decided that we would take the table apart. (Yes, sorry grandma!) and place the whole top with the “folding mechanism” in a bigger wooden table. We just have to find the right one. Untill then I will try to work on this table from the sixties. I have not used this machine yet, because I want to finish my other projects first on the machine I started on. (my mother’s) I think that the stitch length will differ from machine to machine. So next week I will give you updates on my NEW OLD machine.

2013-01-29-machine oma

I have corrected (finally) the mistake I made last week. So the OLD piece is completely corrected, and the NEW piece is much better! Pfff, glad that that is over. In the coming days I will piece the one more row. I will show how I made my triangles. I did not do them very uniform the first time, but I will now…. I actually will be more patient! 🙂    I hope , ha ha!

2013-01-29-quilt Alex

I think I will be able to bast and quilt this finished band in the weekend.

I hope you are all well and have a great week ahead of you!


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