Tutorial QST

I am working on a quilt for my brother that contains many triangles. So I thought I should show you how I make 4 squares made of QST in one go! I use the Quarter Square Triangle Squares technique. Beware, the fabric will be cut on the bias, so ample starch might be handy to prevent the fabric from stretching.

You need a ruler that has 45 degrees angles on it!

First I cut my fabric in squares of the same size. I put them on top of each other, with the prints facing each other. (In my example I have used solid fabric, though!) Now comes the fun bit! You sew around the square with a 1/4 inch seam ! Strange right?

Now take one of the two halfs and position it like on the next photo. Place the ruler on top.

Also treat the other half this way and you end up with FOUR triangles!

Before you continue it is always smart to check the angles.

Now open up you triangle, and there is a new square made from two triangles!

Press the seam before pressing the entire square.

In my example I have opened up the seams, because I have been doing this on the other parts of my quilt and I want everything to be uniform. Open up the seams / do not open up the seams… do whatever you prefer!

Good luck trying this method.


One thought on “Tutorial QST

  1. Great hints. I will have to try this! Check out my latest tutorial on diagonal piecing of strips. I would appreciate your feedback. sportsew.wordpress.com

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