Tool tip.

This week I found a new rotary cutter and replacement knives at the DIY store! The replacement knives were priced at a fraction of the cost of knives from quilting webshops. I do not know if these DIY knives are the same quality as the “real” ones. I have not used them enough to have noticed a difference. The rotary cutter was also way cheaper than in quilt or hobby stores. It was three times (!!!) cheaper! And an extra bonus is that the new one fits much better in my hands. I have large hands and the old one just was not very comfortable. The new knife is about 1 inch longer than my old knife. ( pink = old, blue = new 😉 )

Cutting with the new knife was very easy. Just have to watch out that I do not leave the knife exposed all of the time. Close it up, Esther!

So the next time you will visit the DIY store, check out he knives-department!

Tomorrow a friend will be coming over the learn how to quilt. I have a disappearing nine patch laid out for her. I have chosen quite traditional fabrics and a classic quilt pattern in blue and white. I think she will love it all.

I will let you know how everything went!

In the photo the pieces of fabric overlap but this will not be the case in the nine patch. I just had to overlap them or else I could not store them on the design boards of foam I made with this information. I have not finished all of the boards, but when they are done, I will also show them.

Bye for now!



4 thoughts on “Tool tip.

  1. Hi Esther, I am intriqued about the rotary cutter from the DIY store! I am going to have to go and check that out for myself and then also be converted! I am now following your blog, as I liked the sound of it. You sound like you are on a similar adventure to me! – suzy

    • Thank you Suzy for visiting my blog! I agree with you, this is an adventure! I do not know where this “ship” will end up, but I know it wil be a good “port”. For starters, and most importantly, quilting makes me happy! 🙂 I love designing patterns too; playing with shapes and colours makes my imagination go wild. I have to watch out that I do not design late in the evening though, because I can not get to sleep after that. My brain is still at work then! So for now… I am of to bed! Hope to meet you again some time in the future!

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