Giving it another go!

Every day is a learning day, right? A few days ago I sent out my pattern to my dear pattern testers and quickly got feedback. I am so thankful that these ladies are willing to test my first try at designing. I am also thankful that they are such a cheerful and positive bunch and are also not afraid to give constructive critique. Thank you all!!! I have taken all of the advise to heart and have redrawn my design so the pdf document would be easier understood and would “comply” to paper piecing “rules” concerning designs. (If there is such a thing as complying anyway.) 😉  I just want people to use my pattern without problems. The challenge  should be the pattern itself and not the document.

So I have redrawn the design and tested it myself. Later tonight I will have to make one little change and put everything back into my pdf document. And then, ladies, I will send it back to you!   Done! Cheack your email, ladies!

Here is the result if the second draft of my star.

Good luck to you all!



8 thoughts on “Giving it another go!

  1. That looks a great star and I am inspired by seeing someone try and create their own, when I know how hard it is to get the maths right when it comes to stars! I hope your 2nd one is exactly how you want it! – Suzy

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