Surviving “moving day”!

I did not actually move house, but it felt like it these last few days! I had decided I really needed a bigger study/studio…. uh… and that is where the trouble started! I have two quite large bedrooms of which one is used as a study. Switching them around would give me a longer study/studio with a large free wall on one side. Perfect for one of those design walls, right? The trouble was that every single book case (and I have many) and my three large closets all had to be taken completely apart before we could even get them out of one room and into the other… So, the content of all of those cabinets was located elsewhere in my apartment. My apartment normally feels big enough, but just felt like prison now; the prison walls were made out of STUFF! You could not even move around! In total it took more than two full days before we were done! So, please ask yourself, before you start moving stuff around, DO I REALLY WANT THIS?

Luckily, everthing is now inside a bookcase or closet, the floors are visible again and my apartment feels like its normal self. Now I need to get used to where my bedroom is, I keep walking into the wrong room, ha ha!

I will post some pictures later this week, when it is nice and sunny. My cat is happy that things are tidy again. She found a nice pile of tester blocks to sit on just now.

Today was my first day back at the computer! I have been working on another star pattern. This one will be called “Dizzy”.

Anybody want to test this one too?



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