Looking for pattern testers – the “Dizzy group”!

When my webshop is up and running this pattern will be on offer. You can get your hands on the pattern for free though! You could be a pattern tester! You will receive my pattern by email. Please send me feedback on how the pattern works. I am looking for about 3 more people. The deadline would be the end of the month of February.

If you would like to test this pattern, you can leave a comment on this blog. Please include your email address. If you prefer email, you could let me know you are interested to be a tester at esthersipatchandquilt@yahoo.com

I will send you a pdf file that will NOT contain information on how to paper piece. But it will contain the following:

  • Some colour options so you can see what is possible.
  • A colouring page so you can try out your own ideas
  • Pattern lay-out.
  • The pattern in two parts.


Thank you!



5 thoughts on “Looking for pattern testers – the “Dizzy group”!

    • Thank you! This is all a big adventure. It is part of my New Year’s resolution to challenge myself more creatively. Part one of this challenge was starting a quilt blog, part two is still under construction; the craftsy webshop. As a teacher I help others make design decisions all day long, and I have been wanting to work on my own designs too! So I came up with the idea of a webshop as a creative outlet.

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