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I promised to keep you posted on my “studio-move”. So I am really happy with my new sewing room, as you can imagine. Not everything is done yet. There are still tables to be put in, lights to be hung, and a design wall to be put up. But all in all, the ergonomics work well. If desired I can put the ironing board in the middle of the room so I have a triangular work area: cutting table, sewing machine and iron. All within easy reach. Most furniture was already in the house, just in a different room. I have blogged about the gigantic move here. 

I also brought in some new pieces, like a desk chair. Nice and bright in orange! The chair is taller than most and also wider! I can fit in the normal ones, really  😉 , but this is just more comfortable especially when you are sewing and your arms are bent. The elbows can sit on the arm rests far better in a wider chair I think, when sewing. The book cases (5 of them,pfffff) are made by a Dutch company called Kewlox. These can completely be taken apart and remodeled in height by using different iron pieces on the corners. We also use these in school. These bookcases have doors on them so I do not need to dust the books and, of course, I can stow away anything I do not want to be seen! And the fabric stash is also safe from sunlight! What I especially like about these cases is that the shelves are so strong! My art books are made with heavy paper and thus very  very heavy! I was told by a colleague that I could put a kid on each shelve if they were naughty! Just close the doors and DONE! 😉 There are no locks on these doors though, so this is just  hypothetical ha ha!

This is what the study and sewing room looked like before (in the other bedroom)

Practical for working on lesson plans, not so practical when working on a quilt project.

And here is a picture of the (clean and very tidy) new sewing room (and also study)!

The studio is on the northern side of the apartment so it does not get very sunny. It can get hot in here in the summer though, because my apartment is the one on top and is directly underneath the roof! I have added some so-called screens for the windows anyway, just because I liked the look of them. I found a nice appropriate fabric that looks like pieces of thread. Now all of those loose threads on the table and floor will look like a “design choice” to incorporate the window decoration with the function of the room, right? 🙂 Both the new desk chair and the curtains I found at IKEA.

Yesterday I finally finished one of the two quilts for my brother. The larger one is still a WIP, but the lap quilt is done. I still have to hide a million threads. Here is a sneak peek! My brother does not know about this quilt. I made it with all of the scraps from the big one. (I had of course bought too much fabric.) The colours in the photo are not so yellowish in reality… photographing in the evening with artificial lights… hummm. I will post a better one in daylight soon.

Now I am going to work on my second paper piecing design. It is a star shape and is called “Dizzy”. I will post drawings soon, so anybody thinking about wanting to test this one too can have a look.

Hope you had a great day!


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