Thrifting and testing

This morning I went to the thrift store close by. I found all kinds of goodies to cut up and make into quilts! Here are some pictures:

Don’t you just love the red fabric with the coffee pots?  I only got a piece the size of 1/3 yard, so I will save that  piece for something special.

The green fabric turns out to be a pillow case from IKEA and the orange fabric is an embroidered tablecloth. I think I will take the embroidery off later, maybe.

These two fabrics are actually mens shirts… going to cut them up too! The one on the left is a burgundy red with white and light gray crosses. The fabric on the right has a white background and light blue and gray checker pattern of some sorts. It is unusual… so that is why I bought it!

And last but not least:

On the left a vintage duvet cover and on the right the back of a Bert & Ernie duvet cover. Sorry Bert & Ernie, you will be “scissorized”!

As we speak, the fabric is in the washing machine!

Remember that there is a group of testers hard at work trying out my two patterns (Freedom & Dizzy)?

The first pictures for “Freedom” are coming in.

This is the star that Julie made:

And this one is made by Elisabeth:

I just love that the pattern looks so different if you place the light and dark fabrics in another place!  I love these variations! Remarkably both testers used floral fabrics. It works so well!

Hope to receive many more pictures of your “Freedom” stars!



8 thoughts on “Thrifting and testing

  1. The orange table cloth is typical of a craft from the Netherlands. The fabric is available in a myriad of colours and it is embroidered for use as a tablecloth. It reminds me that I have a beautiful light blue/grey chunk somewhere. Love your ‘finds.’

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