Lap quilt and one more star!

Here are some pictures of the lap quilt I made for my brother. One with all of the threads still visible, with some sun light hitting it!

And here one with my brother holding his lap quilt up for all of us to see!

Here is a picture that Stephanie sent me of the test of “Freedom”

Bye bye



2 thoughts on “Lap quilt and one more star!

  1. I like your quilt and the lines of quilting. As I can see, you used a machine stitch for the binding. Gorgeous!

    • Yes I used a machine stitch… a bit lazy maybe, but I thought that is was allowed as this was also a bit of a masculine, city-style design. So no fussing about, just simple and honest, but with a little bit extra “umpf”
      And… I wanted it finished quickly! ha ha!

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