Some more test blocks- MINE!

Hello everyone!

I thought to you would like to see some more test blocks of “Dizzy” and “Pointy”. These are the ones I did myself, before sending out the pdf files to the other testers. I made these while working on the patterns these last two weeks. Enjoy!

First are two pictures of “Pointy”.

Solid dark gray background, solid dark blue centre and some vintage fabrics from my stash. One mistake made when ironing… not so nice, (white points do not meet one time) but good to know that is not a mistake in the pattern, just a mistake I made because I wanted to work to quickly.

This “pointy”star looks more like a flower now! This has a sort of ’70s vibe due to the orange and brown. The stripy fabric in the centre is my favorite! It is such good quality… and it came from a pair of pants I had wanted to make when I was 19…. Yes, I had an orange period, people! I admit it! (Duh, maybe I still do… orange desk chair, orange photo board, orange lines in the curtains….) Well, the pair of pants was never made, so I stole the fabric back from my mothers stash. It’s MINE! (accompanied by a “Smeagol’s face” Gnah gnah!)

And now for some pics of “Dizzy”

Simple in solids from the local fabric store and an online store from Amsterdam.

Going floral here. Like it, but not Love it.

And now my favorite of the day:

The dark blue is almost turned black because of the sunlight. Just love this vibrant, dynamic and sunny style!

Which do you like best?

My designing will be put on the back burner for a bit. School starts again tomorrow. We had a whole week off because of the Carnaval festival in the south of the country (a bit like Halloween, but less creepy. People dress up and drink a lot of beer 🙂 ). No school for a whole week? Whetever should I do? 😉 So I sewed for a week! BLISS! Tomorrow morning I will have to pack up my computer, grab my pencils, roll books and day planner…. and teach!

How was your week and what are you looking forward to?



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