Just play.

Just a short post before I dash out of the house to meet up with some colleagues.

I found some time to experiment with pinwheel blocks yesterday and today. I was already planning a few charity quilts made from the vintage fabrics I bought last week, so I combined the two: pinwheels and charity quilts. Here are some pictures of the projects so far. The big star in the centre was a test block I did not want to keep, but did not want to throw away also. So it will be the centre of one of the charity quilts.

They both  turned out rather classic in style and colour. Nothing wrong with that… but just “not me”. (I used white, dark blue and a dark red vintage fabric.) But someone will like it! And I’m making these to be handed to a family in need, not for myself.

I will wait until I find some more fabric to make them a bit bigger. Too small right now. Maybe in the weekend I will visit another thrift shop. Have to find something for the back too. Thinking about fleece.

I also learned a lot with all of this experimenting with pinwheels and test blocks.:

– do not use red thread when patching white fabric…duh!

– there are two directions that a pinwheel can go….left or right…. duh!

– the white vintage sheet I am using is a bit stretchy… not so good for straight lines on the outside of a block….. duh!

– when experimenting, use similar sized blocks so you can use them together later in one project…. duh!

OK! Enough of this “duh-ing”! I feel a bit stupid because of making the mistakes and also a bit proud that I made the points line up and that I turned these out in just a few hours.

See you back on Thursday!



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