Snow? Sew!

Hi everyone!

It has been a few days since my last post. This week was filled with school activities like a meeting with colleagues from Germany and ballet in the theatre. The students can choose to come with us to the theatre for free. The Dutch government gives schools funds to do all kinds of cultural activities and this is one of the options in our school. This Thursday we saw three different choreographies by Balanchine. WONDERFUL! There is a nice preview video here. Just wish more kids would like to come with us to something so beautiful! Most want to go see stand-up-comedy, but there is so much more worth while their attention.

These last two days, it has been snowing constantly. The snow on my balcony is about 20 cm high now. On the streets is not that bad. I am lucky I do not have to start teaching early tomorrow. Let the other cars get rid off the slush on the roads first! As going out, yesterday or today, was not an option for me ( really do not like snow, slippery roads or icy winds) I stayed in my study/studio and sewed the whole weekend. I have been busy designing and paper piecing, but I can’t show anything yet! But I can reveal it is all wonderfully gorgeous! Hope to lift the veil later this week…. a new pattern is coming up!    ( Or maybe two!  😉  )

In between all of the “thinking and puzzling” behind the computer I have been doing some simple pinwheels with all of my vintage fabrics. I got some more fabrics on Friday but they are not really worth a seperate picture.  The green in the pinwheels is one of the new fabrics. Also have bought a very dark blue for the backing. It will become a baby quilt I think. I already have a new home for it in mind. Mmm, maybe it needs to be a bit bigger…?

Hope you had a great weekend too!



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