Robot wallpaper quilt

This last December I was ill for a week. I had to stay home for a few days and could only lay down on the couch and watch tv. After two days I was so “sick” of watching tv and really wanted to do something with my hands for the 30 minutes I felt fit each day. So I made a little baby blanket for a baby boy. This beautiful baby is the son of a old friend from highschool. He and my brother are still best friends. So my brother bought a very nice designer wallpaper (“Bliep Bliep”) for the baby’s room. That wallpaper has many colourfull robots on it. I came up with the idea to make such a robot in patchwork. Here you can see the pictures of my little project of that miserable week in December. Excuse me for the bad pictures… I only took them as a reference. I was not blogging then! So they are very very blurry! Sorry!

I did everything by hand; the patching, applique and the quilting. (I did not have a sewing machine at hand during that week)

At the end you will see the blanket in the baby’s room! I think it is so cool!

Bliep Bliep


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