Baby quilt finished!

A few days ago I started a little baby quilt that is meant for a baby boy who just turned 1 years old. I completely forgot his birthday because of the big “studio move“. I only found out a week later. BIG OOPS! So I thought a nice homemade gift was in order. I used only vintage fabrics except for the fleece on the back. The fleece is a soft gray colour. The dark colour in the quilt top is a navy blue and not black.

I had set myself some goals:


– Work with vintage fabrics …… Wow, thrift shopping is sure fun!

– Pinwheels all going the same direction  😉  …… Check!

– Work with colour value …… Succeeded!

– Add a blind binding  …… Yeah, but a little bit wrinkly

– Work with fleece for the first time …… Check!

I am really happy with it all!!!    Finished size 28 inch square (or there abouts)


Here are some pictures.





6 thoughts on “Baby quilt finished!

    • The fleece was really easy to sew. I had wanted to use “minky” that you see the other quilters us a lot for backing. I have not been able to find any! It seems to be very hard to find in the regular fabric stores here in the Netherlands. Is that the same in Austria?

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