Pointy and Dizzy released!

Moving forwards: My newest star patterns Pointy and Dizzy are now available from my craftsy store!!!

These last few weeks were filled to the brim with designing, testing, changing the patterns, e-mailing, some more testing done all over the world, and then sitting back and enjoying my pretty stars on the design wall!

Both patterns are now available at $2,00. Go grab them!

For those who haven’t seen any picture yet, feast your eyes!

This yellow, red and blue version was made by Jackie from www.flickr.com/photos/68837551@N04/

This bright star was made by Jennifer.

The next two blocks are my own test blocks.

This candy coloured star was also made by Jennifer:

Some more blocks that I did:

This whole “craftsy-thing” has now been set into motion! Just like this last Dizzy star: move forwards!

Thank you to all who have helped me, or still helping me, on my road to becoming a designer!

Have a great week!



9 thoughts on “Pointy and Dizzy released!

  1. Hello Esther, the red white and blue version of “pointy” is my favorite. I stumbled upon J. via your block on flickr. So you bring together likeminded. Thanks!

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