Help, it is going to eat me!

This quilt for my brother is turning into huge crocodile-esque rows of teeth ready to eat me! Things have been going wrong since the very start with this “monster” and I have been fighting it all the way. The last few months I have learned a lot about quilting but this quilt is not showing the progress I have made. It is just TOO BIG for changing mid way this project. The fabric was cut, the triangles sewn, but the zig zags were very slow to form in the five rows. Today I have finished the fifth row, FINALLY!!!

I just have to baste and quilt the three remaining rows, attach the dark gray borders ( QAYG ) and then I have to add a final border to get this huge thing to its correct size…. all before tomorrow afternoon. Yeah right! Like that is going to happen! NOT! I promised my brother I would hand the quilt to him on our parents birthday party… yes , tomorrow! So much for careful planning! It just did not work our right. 😦 I will give it my best tonight and tomorrow morning, but I have no hope that it will be near completion before I leave to house for the party.

This morning the quilt looked like this on the design wall:

And here you see the progress so far. On the floor are the two rows that I finished earlier this year that will be to top of the quilt.

Hope the croc does not eat me tonight!


EDIT: It is now 9:30 in the evening and it is now official: I am giving up! The  transparant thread keeps breaking whatever I do with the tension… grrrr…. I am turning into a croc myself!

Tomorrow morning I will get my mothers sewing machine out and work on that. The transparant thread work just fine on that machine before. Is the “transparant thread breaking” due to the fact that when grandma’s machine was made, there was no such thing as transpararant thread and it is just not build for that kind of thread? Who knows?

5 thoughts on “Help, it is going to eat me!

  1. O my god Esther, if I didn’t knew you were an art teacher a would swear you gave math! Maybe finish it in time for their next party? xx

  2. Hi Esther, sorry to hear about your troubles. May I ask? Why do you use transparent thread in this phase of your work? Did you ever try to put a net around your spool to prevent thread from coming off the spool too easily? I hope you do not let this discourage you.

    • Hi ! i am using th invisible thread for the quilting of the seperate rows. I am using QAYG technique so I am finishing the quilting before attaching the seperate rows. I used the other sewing machine today and it worked fine. i will try to use a net next time. Thanks for replying and advising me about the net!

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