Oh no, more snow and no sew!

Now sewing going on this week… too busy! Preparing for test week, end of term grading, and an Open Day at school. And than it started snowing…. and snowing! Some teachers had a 2 hours commute instead of 25 minutes yesterday!  It has never been so cold in this region since they started recording temperatures… and this is supposed to be spring? Last week kids were running around in short sleeved shirts at school and now we have this huge temperature drop. Get your snow boots out, if you own some, that is. Look at these pictures of my balcony this morning.

The black thing is a small dustbin about 30 inches in height… with SOME snow on it.

Here is a close up of the solar lights which were trying so hard last night to shine some light into the darkness! There is dragon fly, a humming bird and a butterfly (and some other critters) hidden underneath all that snow.

Luckily no more snow was added last night, so I do not need to dig out my car (again). I used up my bucket of salt on the drive way last evening, so now I can leave to work safely, at least for the first couple of yards.

He  you guys… I am tired of this snow… anyone wants some? I can send it by snail mail! 😉




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