Taming the beast!

Yeah, I’m taming the beast! GROWL!

If you are new to this croc quilt, please beware! It has been known to bite 😉

Last night I “entered the croc infested waters” and ripped the seams of the three different rows apart. So I started over with the attaching of the already quilted rows. I understand NOW that it is sometimes better to leave things as they are, instead of hurrying it to a finish in a  full-blown stress situation. The quilt is so much better after the second (uh…. fourth) try.

Here you can see the progress until now. I am planning to quilt the two other rows today and maybe… maybe attach those to the other three. We’ ll see!

In the detail shot you can see that the triangles are pretty wonky and the points are definitely not meeting up… but the overall effect is there.  As I have said before: I have learned a lot with this quilt! And whenever (if ever) I take up this zigzag pattern again I will tackle it very differently, for sure!

I am using a transparent thread to echo quilt the zigzags. I have found two different transparent threads: “white and black”.

I am also working on a pattern that will be in craftsy store very very soon. It is called “Jewel”. Here is a sneak preview!

And last but not least some pictures of my new fabric stash. I bought from the online store “N&N stoffen” that is located in Amsterdam.

The fabric on the left is made by “Dapper”. The one on the right is here on their website.

The other fabrics are simple stripes and solid colours. The green in the next two photo’s is actually almost fluorescent and not mint green! strange photo!

And these three new solids go perfectly with the others in my stash…. rainbow “something” coming up soon!”

Bye Bye!


6 thoughts on “Taming the beast!

    • Thank you Barbara! I am happy how it is turning out now… after all of the stress last week and almost throwing the whole thing out of my apartment window into some muddy snow! 😉

  1. Hoi Esther:

    Het is meer dan een “beast” het is een “monster” .. krijg je geen hoofdpijn van het patroon?

    Hier is alles rustig en een beetje aan het regenen.

    Veel plezier met je quilten .. gaan we samen nog meer stof kopen?


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