“Take a bow” – Sneak peek

These last few weeks I have been working on a set of patterns called “Take a bow”. It will be a set of 5 different bows. Two of these bows will be angular and the remaining three are rounder. The difference between the bows if it is set on point or not and the actual size of the bow itself within the particular block. I am working on two sizes for each block:  5 inch and 8 inch.

Here are some drawings of some of the designs.





In the upcoming days I will post more drawings and of course some photographs of finished blocks. I will also let you know when the set of patterns is available in craftsy.

Bye for now!


The text, drawings and photo’s in the blog are copyrighted!  Copyright Esther @ipatchandquilt, 2013

Please do not use without my consent!


4 thoughts on ““Take a bow” – Sneak peek

  1. That looks like an interesting design. I look forward to seeing the colour combinations, I bet it will look amazing! – Suzy

  2. Hi Suzy! Thank you! I am looking forward to this afternoon when I can get my scraps out and sew up some new testblocks! I’m thinking polkadots and mushrooms, ha ha! Just wait and see!

  3. Hoi Esther:

    Wat een leuk, fris en lente-achtig onwerp .. does me ook denken aan kados inpakken.

    Heb een moeiljke week achter de rug … heeft te maken met verjaardags fuif voor Walt in Juni .. ben een beetje gefrustreerd.

    Daar ga ik vanmiddag iets aan doen want dan begint een lange yoga leraar workshop” .. yoga voor mensen met scoliose .. kon ik maar Katja hier naartoe toveren.

    Je zult oorlopig niet veel van mij horen.

    Tot later dan maar

    K & K

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