Cookie quilting

Yesterday I was in the mood for learning something new. Free Motion Quilting was on top of my must-learn-list, so I grabbed my grandmother’s sewing machine’s manuel and tried to figure out which foot I needed to use. The old machine came with a little box full of different feet (Those  I will have to test in the future. Put it on the must -leanr-list, Esther!)  It turned out I needed to put the darning foot on. This is somewhat of a contraption with a foot and a seperate hook at the back of the machine near the handle of the presser foot. I have scanned the picture in the manuel so you can understand what I am talking about.

The hook at the back is not bent like in the drawing, but just straight. I also had to change a little plate underneath the foot. (not in the pictures)

So the mini adventure of FMQ began! I started out with some pebbles and “stuff”. I discovered that the tension of the thread was not right and that it had to do with the fact that I had not correctly put the hook on the back of the foot/machine. After correction that things were much beter.

I found it hard to control the fabric underneath the foot; movement was “jagged” because of the roughness of the wooded table. The fabric did not slide enough. I have seen special products online that you can put on the table to make it extra slippery so the fabric can slide much easier. Well, I do not have one of those (yet?) and I personally think they are rather expensive for a piece of plastic!

So… an idea popped in my head: “What if I use the flexible teflon cookie sheet?”  I ran to the kitchen and dug out the black paper-like  sheet that I put under cookies on the metal tray. I cut a hole in it and stuck it to the sewing table with some tape. And away we wizzed! SO MUCH BETTER! I do not know how this sheet compares with the real “FMQ-sheets”, but it works for me at the moment. I can practise at this new technique without breaking the bank. I think the sheet cost me a few euros, but I do not remember where I bought it. It must have been a store like Blokker.

(I took this picture this morning after I had disassembled the whole thing again… so use your imagination, please! 😉 )

Here are two pictures of FMQ with the cookiesheet:

I like how the stippling is going, the rest is pretty OK for the “first time around”, I think. I discovered I realy like doing this, much more than I anticipated.

Maybe I will make some cookies today, but with out the sheet that now has a hole in it!



8 thoughts on “Cookie quilting

  1. Good Morning Esther:

    Of course you love free motion quilting because it transfers your gift of drawing on paper to the quilting “table”. I see it as another way to express your creativity. If only your grandmother could see this … other relatives and friends do. My compliments.

  2. Hi, It looks great and you can tell how much easier it was once you got the slide sorted. very lateral thinking, I’m impressed! I really like your muck around ones, they would be great on a larger pieced top. it is very addictive though isn’t it! – Suzy

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  4. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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