Quilters Luck?!

Have you ever felt like there is something called “Quilters Luck”? I seem to have a run of this good luck! Here are some examples:

– My grandmothers sewing machine is the most perfect beginner-quilters machine…waiting for me in my own basement!

– Bobbins (most of them) only run out of thread at the end of a piece of fabric…

– There is always just enough of that particular fabric to finish a block…

– That piece of gorgeous vintage fabric is waiting for me to be discovered in the thrift store…

– New techniques are a big success…

– New ideas keep popping in my head…

And today this happened with my rectangular pink baby quilt top. Remember the pink stripy fabric with the garlands/swags? I wanted to use that as a border but knew that it was very unlikely the corners would ever meet up in this rectangle. I hadn’t planned this particular border, remember? I have just been winging it, actually! πŸ˜‰

Old plan with the pink garlands/swags fabric:

New plan: Mitered borders ! Three of the four corners meet up perfectly! I don’t know what I did to “deserve” this, but I am very happy!

Even the “not so perfect corner” is acceptable! I guess that the vintage fabric was washed, ironed and pulled at so many times it was a little out of shape.

As long as this good luck was in my life, I wanted to “use” it one more time today! I tried out a quilting pattern called Dogwood. This is how it turned out on the front and back! Love it!

I must admit, not everything is perfect: I seem to go many needles at this time. I need to buy more soon! LOL !!!

So, please tell me your stories of “Quilters Luck”! Perfect fabric appearing, miraculous fabric finds, lifesaving quilt buddies….. COME ON, TELL US!!!



29 thoughts on “Quilters Luck?!

  1. I love the Dogwood pattern. U did such a good job. I just did that pattern practicing on a hospital quilt, but I skipped a block…Yours looks better. I will now try it again.

    • Goodmorning Diane! Thank you for visiting my blog! I really like this pattern too! I love the flower it created in the squares and the circles on the back! Two for the price of one, right? πŸ™‚

  2. What a sweet post! I am a glass half full kind of person, too! I just had some luck tonight. I’m thinking of what I have in my stash that I can use for a quilt I am working on and I remember I have a sheet that might be perfect. If only I can remember where it might be which is anywhere. I turn around and it’s laying on the floor! One of my kids pulled some fabric off a shelf and this wasn’t put back. Luck for sure!

  3. Beautiful! You are very lucky, indeed. ;o) Sometimes it’s the little things like having just the right amount of thread to finish a project that can make us happy.
    Happy stitching!

  4. Vengo a devolverte la visita a mi blog y me encuentro con Γ©ste trabajo .
    Me encanta el acolchado que has utilizada . Gracias por el enlace que me lleva a cΓ³mo realizarlo .
    Besitos !

    • Goodmorning! I tested it too first! Practice makes (almost) perfect, right? πŸ™‚ for me, the smaller patterns are easier than the bigger ones, especially handeling it under a home sewing machine!
      Just give a go! I wish you lots of “quilters luck” !!!

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