More Quilters Luck and the Liebster Award!

Oh lucky me! 😉 I have not run out of Quilters Luck yet! The running streak still continues…

Warning: wordy post! 🙂

1. I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Irina of El Petit Taller! Amazing, right?  I have been blogging for only a few months now …. and I am a bit overwhelmed by this! My heart jumped when I saw the nomination on Irina’s blog.  More about this Nomination later in this post!

2. Since quilting has become such an important part of my life, I have had my eye on good quality sewing machine for quilting. My brother-in-law owns a sewing machine store so I was close the “fire” whenever a good quality machine came in to be traded up. It appears that whenever a new model comes out, older machines come into his shop. Lucky me! So… you guessed it! I bought a Janome 7700 Horizon. And is it HUGE!

I have already has a little  “play time” on it. I like all of the different options. The machine is more sensative than my old Pfaff from the ’60’s though, so it will take some getting used to. I sometimes use non-quilting cottons that are thicker (because the real stuff is just so darn expensive) and several layer of this stuff is a bit too much. Playing with the stitches  was also a lot of fun! You can sew letters, little scissors, spools of thread, flowers, and more yummy designs. The FMQ on this is good!

I need to get used to the work area being higher up than with the Pfaff. That one sits IN the table and the Janome sit ON top of a table. Next week I will show you lots of pictures of all of the stiches!

3. The family I am working with to create a memorial quilt was really happy with my proposal for a quilt. We had a small, but great selection of fabrics to work with. I will show more about this projects in the upcoming weeks.

4. The test block for a new pattern came together nicely and I am already making a pillow (yes one more!) out of it. Hope to finish it tonight or early tomorrow morning!


I think most of you have heard of this award already, but for those who haven’t: here is the information:

This award is given by bloggers to other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Technically it is like a chain letter, but without the nasty additive “If you do not …than you will die in a car crash/be poor/get this disease”. It is up to you to accept or not! The whole goal is that people get acquainted with other blogs. So actually it is more like a blog hop, I think! I personally like to meet new people with the same hobby! So, I have accepted the Award… So where is my glittery dress, the poofy hairdo, (lots of hairspray) diamond necklace and the stiletto heels, all of the photographers, the gorgeous hunk at my side…. and the red carpet? Just in my head I think ! 😉 But the nomination has made my week even better!!!

There are some rules that come with the acceptance. (I have seen different rules in blog land! )

– I have to answer the questions that Irina had written up.

– I have to tell some random facts about myself.

– I have to nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and ask them some questions !

I will start with the latter! I have selected blogs that show some great quilting! My nominees are, in no particular order:


Elisabeth’s Weblog

I am always with you


Time to be inspired

Pretty Lady Baby

Blooming Poppies   (has a bit over 200 followers, but what the heck… I nominate, I decide!)

Franki Kohler

Off Quilter

For the Knit of it  (more about knitting than about quilting at the moment)

And that is 10… who knows about a great blog that I can add to this list to complete my 11?

My questions for the nominees

– What music do you put on when driving?

– What colour clothes do you always buy?

– What sound just “makes your day”?

– What trip would you like to make whenever you had the chance?

– Which artist inspires you?

Irina’s questions and my answers

1. what person do you most admire?

Changing the rules a bit here: I admire two people the most and that are my parents! They are kind, loving, giving… just the best parents you could have!

2. what’s on your bedside table right now?

Lots of pieces of jewelry that I take off at night and forget to put back in the jewelry box. 😉

3. what’s your favorite cooking recipe?

I like making my mothers zucchini soup! Quick, easy, yummy!

4. Is there a sewing book you would recommend? 

I have only a few… There are good parts in each of them. Sorry , I do not have a clear answer to this question!

5. What’s your favorite journey?

Driving home from my parents house… the highway goes through some amazing countryside that is just gorgeous to look at!

Some random facts about me

–  I love reading fantasy books, specially books by George Martin or Melanie Rawn. As a kid I read all of the cowboy books I could get my hands on. Oooh the thrill of adventure! 😉

– As a teenager I wanted to become an archaeologist like Indiana Jones but without the whip 😉

– When I go somewhere to get something, I forget what I came to get… all of the time!

– At work I am a “neat freak” but at home I am a bit messy.

– When I am working on a project I loose track of time completely.

– I just love my job! I am so glad that I became a teacher and not an archaeologist!

And I love to write this blog!



10 thoughts on “More Quilters Luck and the Liebster Award!

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination Esther!!! It was so fun learning more about you! I too dreamed of being an archeologist, but without the giant spiders…. 🙂

  2. hmm… love zucchini! Thanks so much for the nomination, you’re so awesome… got to tell you, I’m surprised that you’re a newbie blogger…

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