Charity quilt 01 – Finished!

Two and a half weeks ago I showed you my first ever FMQ tests. I was so inspired (or maybe a tad overly confident?) that I wanted to use my new skills to make my first charity quilt out of a orphan block of a paper pieced star.

Here is a picture from my post from the end of March

Between the end of March and this week I did work on it, but it was still unfinished. This charity quilt was on my I-would-like-to-finish-this-month-list and not the I-need-to-finish-list.

Yesterday I wrote about my new sewing machine, the Janome 7700, (YEEEEHHAAA!) and I how I wanted to work on the FMQ of a pillow…. but half way through I ran out of light gray thread, and the shop was already closed for the day. So what is a girl to do? Grab another Work In Progress (WIP), right?  These are the pictures I took this morning, because finishing late at night, does mean very blurry and dark pictures 😉

I have learned  a lot while working on this quilt. I am quite happy with the front, but the back is not my best work. There are a lot of puckers… I still need to get to know my new machine better to prevent this from happing again.

I said I liked the front, but there are still lessons to be learned, right? I think there is too much white thread on the front. When doing something similar in the future I will accent the radiating lines in a contrasting colour like I did here, and than do the “tear drops” and “lolli pops” in a colour than blends into the fabric more.( I was inspired by the Leah Day FMQ tutorials)  I really like to binding with the thin white line. I found a great tutorial on how to do this. I found that the width of this binding strip ended up being 2 and 3/4 of an inch. It was a bit to big for a quilt with no real poof. Stitching through the front (yes!) meant ending up with visible lines in the backing fabric. I will change the width of the fabric next time. I also used  a certain walking foot that resembled the one in the tutorial. I did not like what it did afterwards. I will give this type of binding another go, but with a different foot.

See all of the puckers?  Not so pretty…

What I did  notice also was this: I have worked on this quilt with two different sewing machines. On the right, of the picture underneath,  you see the teardrops on the old Pfaff and on the left are the teardrops made with the Janome. I think the stitches on the new machine dissapear much more into the fleece. I like that!

I have washed the quilt and it seems to lie much flatter now. I think the fleece is a bit on the cheap side and the blue fabric on top did not help as it stretched too! I have pulled it carefully into shape.

I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Creations Quits Art Whatever and of course Leah Day as she inspired me to do lots of FMQ!

SO , now I need to get myself into shape! Change out of my PJ’s and clean up this mess I made yesterday! Now, where is the vacuum cleaner?



27 thoughts on “Charity quilt 01 – Finished!

  1. Good Morning Esther:

    Very impressive .. you have learned an awful lot in a short period of time with this quilt and the result is stunning. I consider it a piece of art! Have s great weekend.

  2. You are so brave to just go for it and get this quilt quilted. Your quilt is quite beautiful, and the white thread works on it, I think. Leah Day is such an inspiration, isn”t she? You could google on how to make a quilt sandwich, to get those puckers under control. Maybe you already have. There are a lot of good tutorials and youtube videos available.

    • Hi Ilene, thank you for your visit! Yeah, I will have to investigate what happened with the puckers. Have never had this before in any of my quilts even the other one I did with the fleece backing. I think it has to do with not locking the threads when starting with FMQ. I just hold on to the threads, might not be right!… I will do some “trials” tonight, ha ha!
      Thanks for the tip!

  3. All of your work is terrific, Esther. As a new FMQ-er myself, I think you’ve mastered it very quickly.

    What type of fleece did you use on the back? I want to use one of the cuddly fabrics like Minky on the back of a quilt top I am finishing now, but have heard that it is challenging to work with. I have used Minky before, once for a baby quilt and another time on the back of a dog quilt. In both instances, I only did light FMQ. So if you, or any of your followers, have any fleece type recommendations or fleece quilting suggestions, I would be interested. I think I will post on my blog about this question, too. As ever Esther, you’re amazing. Ann

    • Hi Ann, Thanks again!
      I have no real advice to give you about the fleece. I read somewhere that minky was much harder to sew than fleece. I have used good quality fleece in the blue baby quilt. It was very easy and I loved the way the quilting showed up in the back. The cheap fleece was not great to work with. I think it stretched a bit. I would advise younto buy good quility and do not even look at ready made plaids and stuff. Go to the fabric store, please. Find out what the front and the back of the fabric is and quilt away! Just use a lot of pins. Now, that is the culmination of all my knowledge on fleece, ha ha ! LOL!!!

  4. OOooo – But I really like the value-change of all that white thread, the way it adds the effect of another band change. Very cool 🙂

  5. Very good on your FMQ. I have a Janome 4800QC, and I’ve taken several classes, but, I just can’t FMQ. I stink at it. Oh well, at least I can stitch in the ditch, and hand quilt. I like that star.

    • Hi Christine!
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, remarkable that there is such a difference between the way the FMQ. Well the Pfaff is a pretty old lady, maybe she is not so much in the mood any more for all of this wild FMQ, LOL!

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