Quilt wrestling – round 2

“In the left corner The Croc is preparing himself for another great battle. He is waving his chevrons around to impress and scare his opponent. She stand firmly in the right corner flashing her flowerhead pins (butterflies actually) at The Croc. This will sure be a exiting match!!!”

Wrestling a quilt has never been this personal, LOL! I could have used my new sewing machine for this round two of this “battle of wills”, but I wanted to finish “The Croc” on my grandmothers machine for symbolic reasons. (I have named this chevron quilt “The Croc”, because I felt like it was going the devour me! Things were not going as well as I had hoped and I just wanted to hide it away in a cupboard and forget about it)) The quilt, as you my know, is for my brother. He gave me this “assignment” this October… and it is still not finished. But, we got a little closer to the finish line today.

At the beginning of this month I wrote about my plans for this month. Somehow this big crocodile of a monster did not spring into my mind when I was writing up my to-do-list… Must be my unconscious letting me know than I did not really like working on it that much and I would rather do other stuff, ha ha !

I gathered all my courage this morning and attached the remaining 2 rows and echo quilted through the dark gray bands in between. Along the way I have lost two big strips of gray fabric… so I can not go on today. I have to go on a hunt for theses trips first.

Here are some impressions of “the Croc” on my bed, which is much smaller than my brother’s… Large borders need to be added. (Oh boy!)

Now, let do something that is more fun! Some paper piecing maybe?


6 thoughts on “Quilt wrestling – round 2

  1. Nice quilt – does look like a force to reckon with! I would like to try my hand at a chevron quilt one of these days. I like the grey horizontal sashing(?) that you put in.

    • Hi Shauna! Thank you for your visit! The bands were needed actually. When I started this project I did not have a sewing machine with a big harp so I decided on a Quilt As You Go technique. The gray bands holds everything together, but I like them too! Hope you will have great week!

  2. Hi Esther:
    You fought the battle and won. You conquered the “croc”; I also see in the quilt a mountain range waiting to be climbed. On top of that (pun intended), it reminds me of one my favorite yoga poses: “the warrior”. Hope you will face fewer challenges with the border installation. Have fun.

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