All things pink

Ever tried to take a picture of a quilt without the cat jumping in to claim the quilt?

Even after being firmly put to the side, she even crept into this picture…

Finally, one without the cat! 😉

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19 thoughts on “All things pink

  1. Really pretty! It turned out beautiful.
    I remember when I finished the binding of one of my first quilts, I rolled the lint off with some tape, folded it neatly, placed it on the end of the couch, and went to bed. The next morning there was dog hair all over it. Hubby said the moment the dog heard me mount the stairs, he jumped up on the couch, made a nest of the quilt and plopped down with a sigh.

    • I wonder if they do this because
      A: it is very soft and cudly (that is how we want it)
      B: it smells of us because we were handling it all of the time
      C: just to tease us? 😉
      Oh well, I can totally understand my cat’s desire to curl up in a quilt. Sometime I wish I was a cat… Some food, a bit of sun, a few toys, and of course a quilt is all you need to be content!
      Oh wait, does that count for people too? 🙂

  2. Good Morning Esther:

    Yes. could be all of the above or looking at your cat’s eyes .. here is my interpretation … Oh.. how nice … this one is for me?


    • Hello! Thank you for your visit to my blog! You are absolutely right: they are the best quilt inspectors EVER!
      Just now, she had to reinspect the bow-quilt(soon to be pillow) and it passed again! 🙂

    • Yes it would! This pillow was designed with a little baby girl AND her mother in mind! Nice and big for her mother to rest comfortably, pink and fun for them both! Thank you for your visit to my blog!

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  4. I love that first picture! And I have the same problem with my one-year-old right now. Unless I want him to be in the picture. I’m not sure how he knows what I don’t want him to do.

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