WIP Wednesday – almost done!

Here are the latest cat-free pictures of my baby-girl-bow-pillow. πŸ˜‰

After finishing the FMQ on the front I have added two pieces of sturdy fabric to the back so you can insert a pillow form. I only need to add the binding and than it will be finished! I will use the same binding fabric as I have used on the pink baby quilt that I will show you this Friday! I promis!

I have used my own bow pattern again, but I cut a bit off Β to make the blocks with the top bows more rectangular. This way the whole set of four bows would sit higher up in the pillow. I am glad that I did this: the two lower bows will not be hidden by the shape of the pillow itself now.

The pillow case is about 2o,5 inches square. The white fabric was a vintage sheet, as was the stripy fabric in the bottom left. The other bows are made from regular cotton (bottom right) and quilters cotton (the 2 top bows).

I am linking up with Freshly PiecedΒ for WIP Wednesday!

Go check it out!



19 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – almost done!

    • Hi Jan,
      Thank you for you visit to my boog! Isn’t WIP Wednesday one of the best days? πŸ™‚ I just love looking at what others are working on! Not just the finished products!

  1. esther thanks for stopping by! you make paper piecing look so easy. the bows are so cute and could easily be turned into bow ties for a little man quilt. i saw your free star pattern on craftsy . . you think it’s easy enough for a newbie?? sometimes i get overwhelmed by something that i let it paralyze me when i should just jump in and try it!

    • Hi Witney!
      I would advise you to try the pattern Freedom first. The other on ( Wish) looks simple, but it is difficult in the middle because it is a SEVEn pointed star. Please look up a tutorial on paper piecing online. I recommend the tutorials by FreshLemonsquilt and Quietplay. Just take your time and check the pieces before cutting! I do NOT precut my fabric into little pieces, but I use strips of fabric that are cut to the size I need. (Mostly left scraps and such.)
      If you want to , you can press the fabric in between each stage. Fingerpressing also works, but I prefer to use the iron, but that is just me!
      If your fabric is a bit stretchy, starch it before cutting! My last bit of ” wisdom” is about the type of fabric you could use. I use quilting cottons, but also regular cottons. I have noticed however that using the thicker fabrics might cause trouble when sewing. Most sewing machine will not go through that many layers… Sometimes there are about 8 layers of fabric at the seams ( were parts meet up). My old Pfaff is very obidient and does not protest, but the new Janome does not like to go through a “seam-layer-cake”. So use the best quality fabrics you can afford, do a test piece and have lots of FUN!!!
      Good luck!!!

  2. Good Morning Esther:

    Another gorgeous pillow .. congratulations .. you have changed the layout of the pattern to accommodate the shape of a pillow. I wonder what the bows would look like in a quilt if you arrange the pattern to look like a garland while “flipping” the bows.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Well thank you, Elisabeth! πŸ™‚
      The stripes were a technical must for me, but I like the effect they also give! I can not claim the design for this quilt. I have found a pic online, but can’t find the site it was on.

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