Comfy in purple

January this year I played around with a beautiful paper piecing pattern of a star. I made several of these to boost my skills. I decided that I would turn them into something for charity later. I have already turned one into a quilt backed with red fleece destined for charity. I will find a home for it next month.

This week my parents asked me to make a pillow for a dear friend of theirs who needs lots of rest. My mother requested something similar to the birthday pillow, but different… uh? The same, but different?

How could I turn this….

into something like this….?

After adding large bits of white I felt the whole thing was way to clinical.  I thought it was SO NOT “right” for this particular friend of my parents that I did not even take a picture of it.

Looking back at the birthday pillow I found that I had not used white but a creme background. Therefor the whole thing was much softer in colour.  As I already started with a white background with the purple star in January I had to rethink my plan.

After talking to my mother I decided to cut off the corners and turn the block into an octagon. We also came up with the idea to add strips of the same purple fabrics. I decided to make each strip half an inch wider than the previous one.

I kept two sides of the octagon free  of further strips as my mother had stated that she wanted an asymmetrical lay-out.  The new pillow will be square and not rectangular like the birthday pillow. (“The same, but different” ;-))

I drew some lines around the centre star and echo quilted around these lines, just like I did with the birthday pillow.  The space between the star and the echo lines will be filled with pebbling, lots of pebbling, and then some more pebbling!

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All pebbled out!




49 thoughts on “Comfy in purple

  1. Hi Esther:

    Interesting to see your quilt grow .. from a star to a star burst. I interpret the strips with waves of increasing (doubling) good feelings, warmth, best wishes and comfort and if I guess correctly at whom this quilt is for: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    • Wow, I really like your symbolism! I might just steal that! Ha Ha! I do not think you know the person who this is for, but theirs is basicly a similar story! Best wishes are coming both their ways! Have to think of something for the other person soon!

  2. Wow!!! Look at that quilting! Fmq envy over here! And the previous version with the blues and greens is top notch!

  3. Lovely! I’d spied the older pillow on your Flickr and loved it, but this one is just as gorgeous? I love them both so much. Pretty much perfect! Great quilting. And I’m not a purple person!

    • Hello Mareenchen! I think the blue one is still my favorite, but I am pretty happy with the purple one too! It will be handed over tonight… I am curious to hear how the pilow will be received!

  4. Wow… I love how you documented all the steps. It’s really how the best quilts are made.. Planning as you go along 🙂 I think you nailed it perfectly.

  5. The asymmetry of this project really turns it into something more unique. Bravo, Esther! I’m glad you didn’t give up on this block and found a way to make it really special, because it definitely paid off in the end!

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