Comfy in purple – Finished!

Can we do too much pebbling? My wrists sure think so! I am so looking forward to my new silicon sliding mat arriving at my house soon! The FMQ without one can be a bit “jerky” and the desired smooth shapes end up with sharp angles and corners.

I finished the pebbling and added the envelope style back and bound it a solid dark gray. The binding fabric matches the fabric on the back perfectly! Another bit of quilters luck, or what?

I have used a thick fabric from IKEA called Minna for the envelope back. I had bought 120 cm but after washing I discovered it had shrunk 6 cm… That is 5%! Make sure that if you want to use this fabric that you prewash!!! The fabric is very loose woven and there were a lot of threads tangled after the washing. I used to selvages (one times folded over, for a neat finish) as the edges of the envelope parts on the back.

I especially like how the purple starry fabric quilted up. It is by Hoffman and even though the silver specks are very celestial, all pebbled up it reminds me of Easter eggs…. I know, Easter has come and gone, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I was making these photo’s.

My Janome Horizon had to work hard to go through all of the layers of thicker (than normal) fabric, and one needle broke! I was afraid to finish the binding with the Janome as the machine might get stuck with alle these layers of fabric. There is just not room enough underneath the presser foot. My old Pfaff didn’t protest at all when I switched back to her! I am so glad that I have these two machines!!!

Has anyone used the IKEA pillow forms 20×20 inch lately? I have found them to be more 19×19 inch… my pillow cases came out to big! Lesson learned: check the pillow form’s REAL size before you make the pillow case!

I am linking up with Crazymomquilts for “Finish it Up Friday”, “TGIFF , and Confessions of a fabric addict for “Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?”.

Alright now… I have to get ready for Prom Night! No not my own, LOL! The senior students at school are celebrating their last schoolday with a classic Prom Night. We, the teachers, also have to dress up in fancy dresses and nice suits/tuxedos. So, were is my box of glittery jewelry again…..?



29 thoughts on “Comfy in purple – Finished!

  1. Hi Esther:

    Beautiful! I really like the way you select areas to pebble .. it brings this “heavenly” creation back to earth! Hope the lucky receiver will cherish it.

  2. This looks great! I really like the speckly bit done in pebbles too, it just seems to suit it perfectly to have pebbles stitched in.

    I haven’t used Ikea pillow forms, except inside of pillows bought from them, but I tend to make my pillow covers smaller than the forms require anyway – I don’t know why, but sticking a too-big pillow inside a cover seems always to have the best results for me.

  3. Oh, wow! I really love how you’ve added entirely new lines to the construction with the quilting of the star points. Very cool. 😀 And, oh boy – I can just imagine how challenging to do all those pebbles without a slider. You’ll love having it when it arrives! Well done with this fantastic pillow!

    • Hey Sara! Thank you for your wonderful comment! I will be doing some moe asymmetrical designs in the future I think, I really like it too!
      Have a great Sunday!

  4. Your quilting is lovely and sets off the piecing wonderfully! I so love pebbles, too! The silicone mat will make a difference. Also, if you can fine a silicone (NON-petroleum) aerosol spray to spray your work area at your machine (wipe/buff with a soft cloth) it will “slick up” you work surface a lot!. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love yours and am so glad our paths crossed!! Hugs, Doreen

    • Hi Doreen! Thank you for your lovely comment and the great tip on the silicone. I will go searching for it in the stores! I am so glad that I started this blog a few months ago…. I have met all of these wonderful people! Including you! 🙂

  5. I love it! Gorgeous pattern with that quilting! I have a silicone mat for my sewing machine and I love it, I can totally tell the difference when I don’t use it for small projects!

    • Hey Renee! Thank you for your fabulous comment! It is so nice to read all of these reactions to my outpour of fabric-stuff. 🙂
      Yes, i can not say it enough (with a big smile)…. the slider is on its way! 🙂 My wrists and shoulders will be very happy too!

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