What to make (out) of it?

In my April to-do-list I hinted at some repair work on two paper piecing blocks!

I worked very hard on four paper pieced bows a while back, before offering this pattern on Craftsy. And while I was showing the pictures of the finished blocks to my family members, I discovered there was a mistake in one of them… OH NO TWO of them! And I had already started the FMQ … Isn’t is strange that when you have worked on something for a long time, you don’t see the mistakes you have made? It’s like you are blind for your own work. When I teach a drawing class, I always advise the kids to look at their work in the mirror as your brain “sees” that picture for the first time that way and mistakes are easy to spot. I guess that this trick also works when you look at little pictures of your big blocks.

Anyway… I did not want to throw the blocks away so I decided to unpick the FMQ. Mmm , next time I will just start over I think! Boy, that was a lot of work!!! Progress was very slow, but I got there! Then I fixed my TWO mistakes and redid the FMQ. I deleted the photo’s of the mistake directly after “the discovery” so I can only show you the fixed blocks.

I think this bow-panel will be become a large bag and not a pillow. I am working on some hexies by the pool! Thinking they will become the other side of the bag. Nothing is “set in stone” yet. Any other ideas, boys and girls?

Here are some pictures I took of the male cardinal bird, just like the one on my latest pillow!

Hope the sun is shining where you are!

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16 thoughts on “What to make (out) of it?

    • The pool was wonderful, again! The sun was very strong, so I did not get much of a tan. Do not want to burn my skin! But I sure love sitting in the shade with the birds tweeting around us. Can’t beat the mocking birds!

    • Ha ha, I forgot to add a little piece of grey fabric so one side of the bow. So that was bigger than the other… And I did it twice!
      Mayor OOPS!!!

  1. I have caught errors when looking at a photograph of a quilt. Also it is hard to see one’s own mistakes in writing. Bow Ties looks adorable.

    • Hello again!
      Glad to know that photo’s help us spot mistakes. From now on I will look at the photo’s more thoroughly before I start any FMQ! LOL!!!

  2. The bows are so cute! Love the Cardinals….so brilliantly colored! And the “Crotons” (foliage) in the last photo is gorgeous!! Wouldn’t survive up here in the just now thawed out Midwest/S.E. MN!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  3. I love those bows (and after reading the answer to ‘What was the mistake?’ I went back and, for the life of me, I can’t find it!) and your hexagons are gorgeous! As is that bird!

    • Ha ha, no I did not include a picture of the mistakes… I was so “mad” at myself that I instantly deleted the photo’s of them. I should have kept them, just to show you all. Ah maybe better next time… Uh no hopefully there will not be a nexttime!! 😉

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