See you later alligator!

Yeah, I know crocodiles are not alligators, but the blog title sure sounds more fun this way, right? 😉

(For those new to my blog: I have named a large chevron quilt ” The Croc” as I felt like it was going to eat me at one time and like I was wrestling a crocodile like one of those “Discovery Channel men”. )

So I have fought “The Croc”, conquered “The Croc” and stuffed “The Croc”  (into a suitcase), ha ha! Two weeks ago I was going for a short visit to my brother and I really really really wanted to bring him  the finished article. He has been waiting for quite a few months! I once had said it would be finished by Christmas, but this ferocious biter did not want to leave my house!

I had a lot of trouble getting this monster ready. The triangles were not all the same (lesson learned: double check if your blocks are square), the monofilament thread would break in my old Pfaff (lesson learned: use different machines for different tasks), and of course I ran out of fabric before I was done.

It is finally time to show the pictures of the finished enormous quilt for my brother Alex. I will start with a bit of a “trip through memory lane” 😉

And now the finished Croc on my bed which is very much smaller than my brother’s!

And the back…

After delivery I set my brother to work (LOL) to clip off all of the exposed threads that I had not gotten around to. It was a fun thing to do together. My brother was very happy with his quilt ( he better be 😉 )

Quilt information:

  • size: 100 x 94 inches
  • fabrics: combination of regular cottons (solids), quilt cottons (in the triangles) and home decor fabric (back and border).
  • Technique: quilted all of the rows separately and then QAYG to assemble the center and borders.
  • Quilting: zigzag echo, straight line echo and stippling in the border
  • Machines: Pfaff 26o for assemble of chevrons, my mother’s machine (forgot brand name) for the monofilament and my new (to me) Janome Horizon for final assembly and FMQ on the borders.
  • Time: 6 months (pfffff toooo long!)


I am linking up with “Finish it Up Friday”, “TGIFF” , and “Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?” when these blog posts are up!

Hope a great and sunny weekend! For all of those people on their way to family: have a safe trip!



23 thoughts on “See you later alligator!

    • Yeah, that is why we bought it! It is actually fabric meant for curtains and it came in a width of 240 cm, when normal European fabric are 140 cm wide! And you know what? It was on sale! We lucked out bigtime there! Thanks for dropping by!

    • Hi Diane,
      Thank you for the compliment! Blush! I am very happy with my Horizon. I am looking forward to the summer when I do not have to work: six weeks of sewing! Wowowowowow!

    • Hi Chrissie! Thank you for visiting my blog! I completely agree with you and I think these colours “age” well too. In ten years time it will still look good and not “out of fashion”.

  1. That is a very pretty quilt. And very large! I simply can’t imagine quilting it on a domestic machine. You need a medal or something. If your brother doesn’t have any medals, he should take you to dinner.

  2. Love this quilt, Esther! Front AND back. Whoop whoop!!

    And there’s always the answer to “See you later, alligator” – – – “In a while, crocodile!”

    • My brother picked these colours! He has a very good eye for colour and d esign. I ordered purple fabric online, but some turned out to be more burgondy ( reddish) then anticipated. In the end it was fine, I guess we lucked out. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Thank you Heather! For the next couple of weeks I will try to keep things simple with some handsewing… do you know if Hexagons ever hurt anyone? LOL (sure sounds like a dinosaur with a large set of spikes on its back 🙂 )

  3. Hi again Esther. I am popping by again to say thanks for commenting on my blog. You do come up as no reply so through a few clicks, I found you : )

    • Hi Carla, Thank you for letting me know about the no-reply thing. I will investigate if this has to do with any of my settings or if this the same old problem of blogger versus wordpress. If it is the latter, I can not fix it. It seems that blogger does not want to link our email adresses. Very irritating, I think. That is why I try to add my email adress in the comments, but sometimes I forget. Hope you are having a great weekend! Esther

      Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

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