Whipping the W.I.P.

I whipped up some more blocks for my new W.I.P. that I have shown you a few days ago. This pattern is one of my own. I am planning on writing up a tutorial somewhere in the future. Already there are ideas of doing this pattern in a simpler colour palette like white, red and blue and another quilt in a bold set of pinks.

As a reminder, these are the two blocks that make up the quilt.

Here is the picture again of the mock-up I did on the computer:

This is what it looks like right now. I have almost 6 blocks put together at the moment of the nine in total.

The top row in the above picture will be repeated to finish the set of nine blocks. There will be a light border and the light blue giraffe fabric by Thomas Knauer will also have an appearance there.

So far I am liking this W.I.P. more and more every day!  I am even at peace with the strong yellow, LOL!!!

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Now stop reading the blogs, put the computer aside and give your loved ones a hug and a kiss and tell them that you love them! 😉




19 thoughts on “Whipping the W.I.P.

  1. As it grows, it gets better. Now it makes me think of a nice sunny day with white fluffy clouds. And because it is raining here in Portland (not a new thing), the sunny look is very cheery!

    • Rain here too…. all day! Bleh, I am sick of the gray skies and I am longing back to the Floridian sun I had to leave over a week ago! The brightness, the warmth, the colours… Well, the good thing out of all of this rain is is that the grass in front of my house is really GREEN!
      Bye Bye

    • Thanks! 🙂
      I think I will write it up within the next month. At the moment I am still busy with school stuff like lots of grading…wish it was all done!

  2. Hi Esther:

    Greetings … you are correct .. the pattern and color combinations look great .. looking very much like your computer generated version. Let’s hope the sun will come out the minute you are finished with school work. Am sending you some sunshine and warmer temperatures right now.

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    • Hi Carol!
      Me too. You know, I had a hard time finding fabrics for a baby boy quilt. In the local large biannual fabric market “everything” was pink or otherwise girl themed. I found the fabrics for the “Cloud Nine” quilt in the US mostly, but even there it was difficult. I hope the fabric stores over here stock up on more cute fabrics for little boys, or even “gender neutral” would be fine by me!
      Thanks for dropping by!

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