Cloud Nine

The quilt top is finished! And I am really liking it,  LOL!!!

I have blogged about this quilt here and here. So this is where I left off three days ago:

I just needed to add three more blocks so I would end up with a set of nine blocks in total (3×3).

Once I got over some cutting errors (oh no….) I pulled persuaded the blocks into shape. The points all come together nicely, most of the time 😉

As I had to stretch the blocks a little bit, the quilt top is a little bit wavy. I first wanted to redo some of the blocks, but I completely ran out of the giraffe fabric by Thomas Knauer. No-can-do! So my plans for adding a border with some of that soft blue having a second appearance, are now ALSO out the window!

Here is the completed top!

( Speaking of windows, I am looking out of mine at the moment and the rains of the past few days seem to have passed. I can even see blue skies with wispy clouds! Does that mean we will finally get some warmth? It has never ever (since they started recording) been this cold in May over here! I am even wearing my woolen jumpers and socks again! )

Each of the nine blocks is 15 inches finished size. (The quilt top is now 45,5 inches square) I like using these bigger blocks, as they for a perfect baby quilt top in “no time”!

This morning I woke up early with a name for this pattern in my head: CLOUD NINE!

Thank you Knitnkwilt for bringing forth the cloud theme for the name!!! This is what she said on Wednesday:

“As it grows, it gets better. Now it makes me think of a nice sunny day with white fluffy clouds. And because it is raining here in Portland (not a new thing), the sunny look is very cheery!”
I am really happy with my design and glad that the fabrics worked this well together. I will be posting a tutorial of this pattern in the near future!

I am linking up with ”Finish it Up Friday”, “TGIFF” , and “Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?” !!!

Hugs to you all,




33 thoughts on “Cloud Nine

    • Hi!
      I really don’t know if this design already exists or if I am “the first” to use these blocks in this manner. I drew these blocks a year ago or so on the computer. I did not design them with an existing block in mind, but it sure possible that I was influenced by something that I had seen online.
      So if someone knows if these blocks already are “named”, please let me know and I will incorporae that informaion in my tutorial.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the pattern layout and the fabrics you used. The yellow is so creamy on the light blue’s; it’s just a great balance. Congrats on the finish.

    • Hi Janine!
      Thanks for your fabulous comment! I am already happy with the design, but hearing other people say they like it too, makes me feel even better! 🙂
      Bye bye

    • Hi Jeneta!
      Thanks for dropping by! I am happy I found that cute Thomas Knauer fabric with the giraffes. Just wish I got more…it’s all gone now 😦 but I love how it works with the other fabrics.

    • Hello Jennifer!
      I am glad that the fabrics work together this well. Planning on some more polkadots for the border and back. Looking forward to that!
      Thak you for your visit!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I love the design. The colors make me think of a spring day, it’s so calm and relaxing.

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your visit to my blog!
      I am glad that you have the same ” feeling ” about this quilt as I have!
      I am so glad I worked on this “Cloud Nine” instead of my to-do-list. It has created springtime in my sewing room when it was rainy and gray outside!!!
      Bye bye

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