Cloud Nine FMQ

Pfew! The quilting is finally finished! It took a while, but it was fun to do!!! 🙂

(If you want to read more on this quilt , please just go back through my previous posts.)

I have used the better part of a 1000m spool of Amann white thread, Saba 120. I have discovered that this thread is thinner than the regular Gütermann thread and it therefore quilts up nicer.

I am glad that I used a thread colour that would disappear a bit into the fabrics. I am still getting used to the supreme slider that I use for the FMQ. Sometimes I move a bit too fast…

I decided not to quilt both the blue fabrics in the quilt top. I think that quilting those too would make the quilt a bit too stiff.

The binding will be put on later this week. I am planning to use the lighter orange fabric as a binding. The others are nice too, but some blend too much (like the blue and maybe also the yellow) or others contrast too much (bright orange).

I think that both the oranges would work, but the brighter orange fabric is a bit coarse. I would like to use a better quality fabric on this quilt.

Here are the “audition photo’s”.

So which one of the “audition fabrics” do you think I should use?

Thank you for filling in the poll underneath!


I am linking up with Lily’s Quilts for “Fresh Sewing Day” and Stitch by Stitch for “Anythng Goes”.  Don’t forget to check out the Linky Party “WIP Wednsday” at Freshly Pieced!

Better Off Thread has featured my Cloud Nine quilt top today for Sew Cute Tuesday! I am stoked!    🙂   Of course I linked up again with the current pictures (with the FMQ).

Soon I will be part  of a Meet ‘n Greet on Paper Piecing.   Amy from 13 Spools has organized it all! Go give her blog a visit!



27 thoughts on “Cloud Nine FMQ

  1. Esther, I love that I’ve been able to follow the creation of this quilt from start to finish, and it is really gorgeous! I love your FMQ! it looks perfect! (and it looks like the 300 pins did their jobs! lol) just gorgeous!

    btw- I voted for the yellow. I think it looks the most “at home” with the quilt and is just bright enough. 🙂

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Well thank you Kelly!!!
      I must admit that the result of the quilt, until now, has far execed my expectations. So, I am very happy with the result! 🙂
      I understand why you think the yellow matches best. I will order some fabric in yellow with orange dots, and some orange with yellow dots anyway… ( like I need more fabric, ha ha). I might have to wait and see what either of those look like next to the quilt.
      The descision for now is that I will have to pospone the descision! LOL
      Bye bye

  2. Your FMQ is fantabulous! Love it. I am progressing, but seem to be at a standstill. Practice,practice,practice!!! I like my quilts to not be too stiff too, unless its a wall hanging. Great work. Following on bloglovin”

    • Goodmorning Renee!
      Thanks! 🙂
      I am already working on another on in pink, green and a bit of orange! Don’t think I will quilt it the same way, as the calour value is different in the bigger squares. I will have to come up with more ideas next week. A tutorial for the blocks is also on its way!
      Bye bye

    • Hi Heidi!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! Hope you are well!
      Over here, the sun finally decied it was summertime… Yeeeey for capri pants and colourful tops!

  3. the front is amazing, but I think I might like the back even better because of how well it shows off your incredible quilting! it’s just stunning.

    • Hi Sara,
      I quilted this on my Janome Horizon which has a larger harp then a home sewing machine, but basically it works the same. I have been using a supreme slider to help with the smoother glide / movement of the quilt and quilters gloves to get more grip. Before I had the Janome I also FMQ on a old Pfaff for the ’60s. Also worked fine, as long as you resolved the “slide”.
      I actually have never seen a longarm for real, only pictures! LOL!!!
      Bye bye!

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