The next Cloud over

I might have hinted at a pink “Cloud Nine” quilt this week! 😉

Well it is finished! (  just the top, OK! 😉  )  I have taken lots and lots of pictures that will be turned into a tutorial in the next couple of weeks. I will split the tutorial into several parts, beginning with a post on the fabric selection and cutting. I hope I will be able to post this first part by next weekend. If you don’t want to miss part one of the tutorial, you might want to follow my blog with Bloglovin or subscribe by email. This way you get an update whenever I will post on my blog.

Enough talking! 😉

Let’s see the very first Cloud Nine quilt again that I showed you this week. It is all quilted up in blues, yellows and a dash of orange (and still waiting for the border). I have made the new quilt top with the same pattern.

If you would like to see more of this quilt, start here, quickly look at this, move on to the finished quilt top , see the beginnings of the FMQ-ing and finish the hop off with the finished FMQ of the top.

SOOOO… you still want to see the pink one, RIGHT?

I have used orange again, but in a different way than in the blue quilt. It is much brighter and attracts much more attention. Even though the green fabrics in the quilt are really bright, the orange outshines them all. I think the quilts looks quite different from the blue one, even though they ware made with the exact same pattern.

I might like the pink one even better than the blue one…. LOL!

How about a red one???


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44 thoughts on “The next Cloud over

    • Goodmorning Clair!
      Yes, I might be a little “enthusiastic” with my design! LOL!!!
      I really like working with it. I have figured out how to work with “interlocking seams” so the points meet perfectly ( most of them anyway) 😉
      It might be hard to let these quilts go as I plan on selling them. These were made to “test the quilt waters” over here.
      Have a fab weekend!

  1. Thanks for sharing both in one post. It’s really neat to see how changing a couple color choices really changes the whole look. I had to stare and flip between the two until I was convinced the layout was the same! 🙂

    • Hi Alia!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I love the versatility of this quilt pattern so much that I expect to make more in the future, ha ha!

    • Hi Kelly,
      At first I was not sure about the orange next to the pink, but it worked wonderfully well! Sometimes we just have to be a bit daring and go for it! 🙂
      Thanks for the visit!

  2. So amazing that it’s the same pattern! I so love the blue one! Can’t wait to see how the orange version quilts up. Very very pretty!!!!! Will “stay tuned”……..

    • Hey there!
      Still contemplating how to quilt the pink cloud… Will have to be different than the blue on, for sure! Will do some sketching tomorrow maybe! Will show pics later this week!
      Bye bye!

      • Wonderful! This “quilting ‘thing'” is so-o-o fascinating! Each of us put our own ‘spin’ on it and the outcome is so dramatically different! Will be watching……hugs……

        • Thank you for dropping by!
          It is so stimilating to see the quilt tops coming together! The one I am working on at any given moment is my favorite! 😉
          I am loving the way you can make this pattern look more complex, sweet, summery, easy, outgoing or soft by changing the fabrics!
          Hope you are doing well,

          • All’s beautiful here! A perfect summer day just beginning! Hope to be outdoors all day…..tomorrow will be quilting. Blessings to you……..

    • Hello Sarah!
      You are so right! The FMQ is as important for the overall look of the quilt. Sometimes “minimal” is needed and the next time ” over the top” is best! 🙂
      Have a fab week!

    • Hi Lauren!
      Thank you for your visit to my blog! Most baby quilts I have made were for boys, so I am loving the “pink trip” …. Lots of pink in my stash at the moment! Thinking there will be a lot of pink posts in the future!

    • Hi Nancy! Yeah it looks like the whole thing is on point. It is more dynamic this way, I agree. I am so loving working this pattern! Hope that other quilters will try it out too!

    • Hi Nancy!
      I have written about your comment in my new post. You wrote that the quilt patterns is on point…. and I knew that, but it also had design implications! I hadn’t realised!!! Now I am reworking my tutorial! Thank you for pointing the “on point” out to me! 😉

    • Hi Cynthia!
      I loved picking fabric for this one so much that I almost could not stop! So another one in red is on my to-do-list already 😉
      Hoping the red one will be different too!

    • Hi Amanda!
      Thank you for your lovely comment! At the moment I am piecing the red version! I have chosen to do a very simple colour palette there with just four fabrics. Very different look again!
      Will show it soon!
      Have a very nice Sunday!

    • Goodmorning Cathy,
      The tutorial is “in the making”. I have discovered there is also another way to piece this pattern, and I am trying that out at the moment. It seems this is one of those “why did I not see this sooner” things! I have been taken the difficult route instead of the ( hopefully) easier one! I will write about the piecing options this week!
      Thanks for dropping by!

    • Hi Lucy!
      How nice of you to come by! I love mixing the colours and fabrics. It is so much fun to discover new accents in the pattern by changing a colour here or there. It is great to just “play” again!
      Have a great week!

  3. Ahh!!! Love it. You’re right about it looking quite different. I can he’ll how much I like the texture of the quilting even more seeing it not quilted. Looking forward to the tutorial.

    • It is such a great “game” to play with the pattern and make three ( there may be more in the works 🙂 ) quilts with the same pattern but that a different in colours and values. I am learning so much!
      I hope you will like the third version too!

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