Clouded mind?!

In Friday’s post I showed you the pink quilt top that I had made with the “Cloud Nine” pattern. I was so overwhelmed with all of the positive feedback! You are all such great people!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of the quilting community!

Yesterday morning I was answering all of your wonderful comments. Here is one of them:

Nancy says:

Esther both of your quilts are wonderful. I love any quilt on point. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

Hi Nancy! Yeah it looks like the whole thing is on point. It is more dynamic this way, I agree. I am so loving working this pattern! Hope that other quilters will try it out too!

And then it dawned on me…. IT’S ON POINT!!!

OH NO!!!

I have been making block “the hard way” instead of assembling blocks on point! So, you have guessed it! Now I am making another version, this one on point. I am trying to determine which method works best.

Just to refresh your memory; underneath are the two blocks that make up the pattern in the old version.

In the pink quilt top you can still see the nine different blocks.

For the new (red, white and blue) version of Cloud Nine I have used only four different fabrics.Here is the WIP on the design wall. You can see that the blocks themselves are smaller than in the old version, but there are many more of them. And some blocks are in mirror image. I know it is hard to see for you as you are not handling and turning the blocks.

My conclusions so far:

1. old version: only 2 different blocks ( 9 in total )

new version: many more! ( 25 in total )

2. old version: 1 block is easy, the other block is more difficult due to the precise cutting instructions

new version: mostly simple blocks, but some are in mirror image. Can be tricky for some quilters.

3. old version: lots of interlocking seams, handy for precise piecing

new version: less difficult points to match up, but more blocks in total: More room for error!

4. old version: quite a few different measurements to cut from fabric

new version: just a few different measurements to cut from fabric

5. I have also found that in the new version I could was able to use squares in the blocks. Instead of combining 4 HST into one square I could now just use 1 square! Less work!

Well, there you have it! I am on a steep learning curve! πŸ˜‰

Do you think I should write TWO tutorials so you can decide for yourself which one suits you best?

If so, which tutorial (old version or new version) would you like to see first?

Okay, it is time for some tea now to clear my “clouded mind” !!!



17 thoughts on “Clouded mind?!

  1. Interesting. Reminds me of times when someone would point out easier ways to do something. Two observations. 1. I really liked the four HSTs coming together to make a square; I liked the subtly different fabrics that made up the square better than the simplified version. 2. FWIW in my guild they make up kits for members to assemble into tops. There was one with an on-point setting, and very few women were willing to take them. So they added a straight setting option and the kits got picked up.

    • Thank you Claire for the information about the kits! It is enlightening!

      I have just finished making all of the blocks needed in the “on point” ( new) version. I do think that the “nine patch” (old) is easier to do even with the more difficult cutting instructions.

      Even in the new version you could easily incorporate the squares made of the hst. But as this third quilt top was a bit of an experiment, I took the easy way out!

      I am happy with the outcome of the experiment because The goal was to learn something about pattern piecing and hopefully end up with a usable quilt top.

      Thank you Claire for helping me out!

      • Experimenting is good. I do a lot of it on charity quilts for kids–I figure the kids don’t care if a design doesn’t look as good as I thought it might or if a point doesn’t meet. Soon I’ll be practicing free motion quilting on some.

        • Good morning!
          I am loving this experimentation!!! I am learning SO much! And I am loving the quilttops that come from it. I may do one more for writing up the tutorial for the “new version” of the construction on point. I will have to pull some fabrics tomorrow! Oh what fun! πŸ™‚

  2. I love the red white and blue fabrics, they are going to look nice. I would like the new version in a tutorial. Great pattern. Thanks for showing it in different colors, helps you get a feel for the pattern.

    • Hello!
      Putting the new red, white and blue blocks together was so much easier than I had thought! I am sure anyone with a bit of quilting experience can tackle the new version too! It might be preferable above the old version because of less detailed cutting.
      Keep an eye out for my pictures of the finished quilt top later today!

    • Good morning Freddie!
      Thank you for your comment! I have decided to write up two tutorials on the Cloud Nine pattern. This way anyone can chose what he/she likes!!!
      I am having lots of fun with this pattern. The quilt tops are so different form each other just by changing colours and values!
      Until next time,

    • Hi Janine!
      Thank you for your reaction to my question on the “old version” versus “new version” for the construction for the Cloud Nine quilt!
      I will be posting the first part of the tutorial later this week!
      Hope you will give it a go!

    • Hi Nancy,
      Yesterday I pieced all of the blocks from the new version of Cloud Nine. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it came together! I dare to say that the blocks match up more perfectly than in the old version. I may have to change my mind anout this way of constructing quilts! πŸ™‚
      I will show pictures of the finished quilt top tonight!
      Bye bye

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