Three is a Cloud!

Okay, I am officially out of ideas for “Cloud Nine-blogpost-titles”!

Anyone out there who has some original ideas? LOL!!! There are still some posts to come, like tutorials and a few on the quilting, so please help me out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some more progress shots! This is where we left off a few days ago:

I added some edge blocks and corners! (Sorry for the weird photo! It is skewed… can not stand back any further due to width of room. I think I stood too much to the left.)

I started piecing the blocks in diagonal rows in sets of three or four blocks on the right side of the pattern.

Than I attached two rows who later turned into one bigger block out of four rows.

The final set of blocks was added to the rest the right side.

I then tackled the left side of the pattern in the same way: first into rows of three blocks…

… and finally into one bigger piece!

And one more seam gave me this gorgeous quilt top!

The piecing of the blocks went wonderfully well!!! Not at all difficult as I had expected!

( Why was I ever afraid of the “on point” construction? The direction of the fabrics in these new blocks versus the original blocks is exactly the same! So stretching of the fabric can happen in both construction methods. I actually think that the new version of the blocks is EASIER than the old version! )

The design wall was a big help too! Don’t think I would want to tackle this pattern without one!

I am really happy with how the seams interlock and give a (almost) perfect pieced quilt top.

Here is a comparison shot of the three different quilt tops with THE SAME PATTERN!!! See how different this pattern looks when you use different colours and/or values?

If you want to read more about these quilts and quilt tops go here:

blue: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



So for now I am a bit “clouded out”! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will start with the tutorial of the “old version” for the construction as I have many pictures of that process. First post about that will go up within this week (I hope!) I am very busy at work, so it may be a little bit later than planned but I am trying to stick to the plan!

I also wanted to remind you of the Prism Along & Meet ‘n Greet organized by Amy from 13 Spools! Here are the links to everyone participating this week! Please give their blogs a visit!

Amy @ 13spools

Nancy @ Owen’s Olivia

Ashley @ Wasn’t Quilt In A Day

Casey @ The Studiolo

Nanette @ Yeah, I Made That

Ange @ Heart Of Charnwood

Kim @ Robot Mom Sews

Erica @ Kitchen Table Quilting

Thank you for reading!


I am linking up with Fabric Tuesday by Quilt Story. I am also linking up with Lilyโ€™s Quilts for โ€œFresh Sewing Dayโ€ and the Linky Party โ€œWIP Wednesdayโ€ at Freshly Pieced when their blogpost are up. I have also linked up with a new Linky Party at My quilt infatuation: “Needle and Thread Thursday”

29 thoughts on “Three is a Cloud!

  1. That is neat how each of the 3 you made are so very different! I love this one best! It is retro looking to me and very bold!

    • Hi Kelly!
      LOL! Yes, thing got a bit “cloudy” ( a.k.a. Cloud obsessed ) over here!
      I hope I can get some quilting done, if I find the perfect backing! Or else it will have to wait.
      Bye bye
      ( almost weekend yeeeeeeeeeeehaa )

  2. good golly, esther! that’s one bold and graphic quilt you’ve got there. can’t wait to see it quilted. i hope you keep it simple and graphic, too. you are just churning these babies out like crazy, aren’t you!

    • Goodmorning!
      Yes, you are right, I am going to keep the quilting very simple with the red quilt. I will try to give each give a very different look through the quilting as with the fabric choices and placement. The red one definitely screams “Simple, please!”
      Have a great weekend!

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