Cloud Nine – Tutorial A – Part 2

Welcome to part TWO of  Tutorial A on the Cloud Nine Pattern. If you have missed part ONE, please click here.

We will start with the easy block first!

Block I


Step 01.

We will start in the middle of the block and work our way out. Lay out your fabric for the first of the five blocks we are constructing. We will start with the centre square!

Please check if there is any directional fabric in your set. The stems of the flowers in the green fabric all point to the centre pink square. Do whatever you like best, but be consistent about it!

Sew the squares and rectangles like shown in the diagram above. You will end up with  this:

Press the seams.

Before you go further please check to see if  your centre square is lighter or darker then the surrounding fabrics. In my example the white in the green flower fabric was a bit see through. I decided to press the seam allowence away from the green fabric. If your large square is the lightest fabric please press the seam allowances the other way!

Step 02:

Let’s attach the the side strips to the centre strip, just like this!

Pin the side strip to the centre strip. Please make sure that the seams interlock! Put a pin through those seams! I personally prefer using lots of pins! I sometimes even pin both sides of the seam! 🙂

The black arrows in the next photo show you the direction of the seam allowance!

(Remember that you may have changed the direction of these seams due to a light centre fabric. It really doesn’t matter which way these seams are going as long as they INTERLOCK!)

Now sew, press and repeat on the left side!

Remember to check the interlocking seams again!

Press the seam.

Press the seam allowance to the desired side.

(Remember, your seam allowances might be pointing outwards instead of inwards! )

Now press the front of your square!

Step 3:

This is our goal for step 3:

This is how we get there:

Grab one of the WOF strips of your main fabric.

Cut at  a 45 degree angle as close as possible to the selvage. Your ruler should have a line showing the 45 degree angle!

Now cut!

Put the little triangle to the side.  You could use these cut offs for the back of the quilt.

Do not cut the strip any further! We will work with the whole strip for the rest of this step!

Place the strip on the square we have formed already.

I have placed the square on top so I would have a continuous piece of fabric underneath my sewing machine. So much easier to sew!

Please notice that the strip is sticking out a little bit over half an inch. Please try to be precise here and do not let to much stick out! We will need most of this strip!


Press the seam.

Press the seam allowance away from the centre square!

Carefully place your ruler in such a way that you can safely make this next cut!

Notice that I have placed the ruler about 3/8 of an inch away from the corner of the orange square. You could get away with cutting at 1/4 of an inch instead of 3/8 of an inch. I just prefer a little bit of wiggle room!

Now cut!

Place the strip on the right side of the block!

Pin the strip to the block.

Please check that you have at least half an inch of the strip sticking out from the corner of the orange square.


Press the seam.

Press the seam allowance away from the centre of the block.

Now give your ruler some more action! We are going to make another 45 degree angle cut!

Remember to check of you are about 3/8 inch away from the corner of the orange square.

And cut!

Grab the remainder of the strip and place it on the square.

Pin, and sew … you know the drill! 😉

… and cut!

If all has gone well you will end up with a piece that is long enough for the last side of the square!

(If not: do not panic! Just grab another strip and use that one! You can use the left over from the first strip for the parts of Block II. It may be possible that you need one (?) more strip of the main fabric to complete the quilt. I have never had it happen that I did not have enough fabric, but you never know!)




Now you will have created something like this:

The last part of step 3 is the cutting to size of this block!

Place your 45 degree angle line on the centre line of the square, like this:

The edge of the ruler should be 1/4 on an inch away from the corner of the orange square.

Cut all four sides to size!

Ta da!

Step 4.

Now we need the fabric that you have selected for the corners of these blocks. In my quilt these are low volume fabrics (LV)

Take two squares ( 5 x 5 inch ), one of each fabric.

Cut them diagonally so you have 4 triangles

Place these on opposite sides of your block.

The triagles will stick out a bit when you are pinning them. Try to place them as symmetrical as possible. You do not have to use a ruler for this, just guess!

When I was assembling the blocks I found that it is best if you press the seam allowences like this:

The seam allowances off the HST corners of the large square point inward!!!

Now the only thing you have to do is to cut the little bit of excess fabric of the HST off!

OK, now you know how to do block 1!

We need 5 of these in total! Get going!


I am linking up with “Anything Goes” at Stitch by Stitch!


17 thoughts on “Cloud Nine – Tutorial A – Part 2

  1. This tutorial is excellent ! The pictures and instructions make it very clear even to a beginner like me. I really like your selection of prints too – nice variety of size and shape. Now I have to figure out how I can pin this so I can find my way back when I am ready to tackle this myself…

    • Hello Colleen!
      Thank you for the compliment! I will be adding a tutorial link on my home page soon. You might want to bookmark my blog ( home page ) and than you can always find the tutorials later!
      Have a great week!

    • Hello Susan,
      Thank you for dropping by and letting me know that the tutorial is clear! I hope that part 3 will be as clear! Will be uploading that one within a week!

    • Hi Ann!
      Your comment means a lot to me! I hope that part 3 does work as well. I will have to work on that a bit first. Block II is a bit more complex!
      Whoop whoop, I am counting down to the summer vacation! Two more weeks!!!

  2. What a clear tutorial. You make it look easy. I might even be brave enough to try this one day- so far I’ve stuck to right angles! Pretty fabrics too- love those rhinos!

    • Hi Bess!
      The rhino fabric is part of a line by Thomas Knauer. It is called Savannah Bob, I believe. In the blue quilt I have a giraffe fabric by the same line! I am holding on to one more yard of this line. I will be sad when it is all gone. His designs are graphic and child friendly! I love his use of colours!!!
      I hope you are well!

    • Hi Kim,
      Thank you for your comment! It was fun to write up the tutorial!
      Now on to a tutorial for block II, which is somewhat more complicated! I hope to upload part 3 within a week!
      Bye bye

  3. Hi Esther, great tutorial! I saw your comment this morning on my blog about your dairy issues, and they sound quite similar to my husband’s troubles with dairy. This cheescake I made was made with a vegan soy-based cream cheese, I think it was made by Vegan Gourmet called Follow Your Heart. There’s also one by Tofutti. Maybe you could source one through Amazon if you can’t find it at your local grocery? Good luck! 🙂

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