Cloud Nine – Tutorial A – Part 3

Hello again!

Here is part 3 of Tutorial A of the Cloud Nine Pattern. I unexpectedly had some free time tonight, so I am writing this up a bit sooner than I had planned on doing!

Just a reminder what we working on:

( If you want to have another look at the prior posts on this tutorial, please click here and here.)

BLOCK II – first half

The next pieces require precision cutting. Please do not attempt this block when you are tired or there is a distraction (like a cat jumping on the fabrics, kids at your feet, or family members who need to be fed  😉  )

Today we will work on the first half of this block.


We will be making the coloured bits today!

Step 1.

Take the large 6,5 inch squares of your main fabric (or 6,25 inches if you cut have them a bit smaller).

Cut them diagonally once! You end up with two HST per square!

Find the fabric you have selected to become the “X” in the centre of the block. This fabric is still a WOF strip. Do not cut beforehand please!

In my quilt the X is formed by a soft pink fabric.

Lay the WOF strip next to your HST. Please make sure that you stay away from the selvage of the strip.

Now lay the strip onto the triangle, right sides facing!

Pin the strip to the triangle and sew!

Press the seam.

Press the seam allowance to the strip fabric.

Do you see how a little bit of the strip sticks out on top? That is the selvage of the fabric (that I did not want to use!)

We will do some cutting now! Please make sure that you “check twice, cut once”!!!

If you need stimuli to gain a clear head like coffee or tea… got get it! 😉

Lay your large (square) ruler on the piece.

(As I am right-handed I have turned the piece upside down. The right side of the fabric is facing the cutting board. I am seeing the wrong side of the fabric. This way I have a clear path on the right side of the piece and I can cut the fabric to size without a problem. If you are left-handed, just leave the piece like it was in the previous picture.)

Also cut of the bit of selvage on the top of this block.

This is what your block should look like at this phase.

Now turn the strip around and place the other end of the fabric alongside the block. Here you can seen that the selvage is white on this side. (sometimes the selvage is a different colour, or even bigger than on the other side.)

Pin it to the block and sew.

Press the seam.

Press the seam allowance away from the triangle.

Now comes the “hardest bit” of this part of Block II.

I have drawn up a diagram to show you how you should place your ruler on top of the block.

Place the 45 degree angle on your block. Align the 4 inch and 8 inch markers with the block.

Your block is likely a little bit bigger than the diagram suggests. Have a look at the next one to see which of the “markers” are the important ones! Look at the red circles and the red line that indicates the 45 degree angle.

Cut away the excess.

Now turn your block!

Place the ruler on top again.

Place the 45 degree angle on your block. Align the 4 inch and 8 inch markers with the block. Cut away the excess.

Here is another diagram to show you the important markers. Look at the red circles and the thick red line!

Cut away the last bit of excess fabric!

See, that was not too hard now was it?

This is what you have created:

Please check the back now!

See how the seam allowances point outward? This is important!

All clear?

One down…. 7 more to go!

Ok, now find the remainder of the strip on your sewing table and position it along a triangle.

Place the strip onto the triangle, just like we did before!

Match up the strip and the triangle precisely please… it will save some fabric!

Now you continue like before!

Finish up another piece of block II and cut it to size like I have shown you in the two diagrams.

When you have two parts finished you will have some of the strip left over. If you are lucky you can make a third part with this strip!

You start like this:

– First cut a triangle away from your strip so you have the correct angle! Now we can continue with the third piece.

Place the last part of the WOF fabric strip alongside your triangle. Please check of your strip is long enough! If it is please go ahead and sew it on!

OK, what do you do when you strip is not long enough? Do not panic, we have enough fabric!!! This is what you do: Grab a new WOF strip of the same fabric and use the first part! When you are start with a new triangle, please go back to the strip piece you had left over and use that for the part on the left of the block.

When all of your 8 block pieces are finished we can go on with step 2!

Step 2.

You should still have a two piles of darker fabrics. I have used two green fabrics!

Grab the squares and cut them diagonally. Check to see if you have a directional fabric! If so, please cut all of the triangles in the same way!

Take one triangle of each pile and place them next to your block piece.

Lay the left triangle on top of the block piece. Just eyeball the symmetry!


Press the seams.

Press the seam allowances away from the centre.

Now attach the other triangle!

Press the seam and then press the seam allowance away from the centre!

The last thing you have to do now is to cut the block piece to size. It should be 8 x 8 inches! Please only cut the “green” fabric away! The rest of the fabric is already cut to size!!!

You are such a great student! You made it in record time!

Stack up these pretty squares, and then do a happy dance!


Part 4 of the tutorial will be added this week!



8 thoughts on “Cloud Nine – Tutorial A – Part 3

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  2. Oh this tutorial is great! And I love the quilt that it is creating… I’m seriously adding to my to-do-list. Your pictures are great and I love the pop-ups on them so that the viewer knows exactly what you are talking about. Great job!! Thank you for sharing this on my linky party too 😀

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