Cloud Nine – Tutorial A – play!

Here are some more options for playing with this pattern. I have used one block in each drawing. In some of them I have changed the colour placement. So here are some “one block quilts” you could make with my tutorial A.


If you are interested in trying one of the lay-outs above, please wait until you have seen Tutorial B!


ABOVE : This pattern could be done simpler –> “dark pink”: you could start with squares and build up the light pink edge. Add the green triangles and done! The same with the HST squares! First build your square and than add the strips and triangles.

Some block lay-out as in the drawing above, put changing the colour lay-out will give you this:

One more thing: in both the drawings made of Block II, you would have to change the position ofย  Low Volume fabrics. Mirror them! Or else you would end up with four parts of the same LV fabric coming together in one square. (like you see in the pics!)

You might have been wondering why I have been making all of these quilt tops of Cloud Nine and other (still unnamed) patterns. Normally the temperature goes up by the end of the school year (JUST ONE MORE WEEK) and summer really kicks in. It would be too hot to have the iron on in the sewing room all of the time. I had planned to do a lot of FMQ in the hot days…. hot days??? Are you kidding me? It is raining again, skies are gray, wind is strong…. BLEH! Please, I would love some sunshine, just a little bit. I do not do well in gray surroundings ๐Ÿ˜‰

So if you have some spare sunshine laying around, please send it over! Shipping will be covered, don’t worry! ๐Ÿ˜‰




Thank you Julie! Yes, the sun is out, but so was the rain! Sometimes this combo results in beautiful vistas! Double rainbow!!!


6 thoughts on “Cloud Nine – Tutorial A – play!

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  2. Hi Esther! I hope you get the California sunshine I just sent you very soon! Thanks for sharing all of your pattern options with us. I love them all! What program have you been using for your tutorial diagrams? I know the work that goes into doing a tutorial with photographs, but your visuals are making me feel very grateful!

    • Hi Julie,

      I think some of that sunshine arrived by express mail! It is bright and sunny at the moment. Thank you for your fast intervention!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      The weather is very changeable, you never know what to wear: summer tops or sweaters. Just bring an umbrella everywhere you go and put some warm slippers out and ready for the chilly evenings.

      I use two computer programs for the diagams/drawings. I start with adobe illustrator to draw the mathematical shapes. Than I copy those shapes to adobe photoshop where I add the colours. The speech balloons are copied from the program Word into photoshop. There I also added the ruler picture that I just found through google. I used that picture because it is very similar to the one that I use for the pictures. I added the diagrams because I sometimes forgot to take certain pictures and I do believe that a drawing can simplify the visual information to such an degree than everyone ( beginner or not ) can understand the steps in the patching process.

      I am glad to hear that the photo’s and drawings are explaining the text.

      I hope you all had a peaceful weekend!!!

  3. These designs are wonderful – I would like to learn how to use the computer to draft out pattern ideas. I’m afraid I haven’t got any sunshine to send you. We live in Saskatchewan and we are on the edge of the terrible weather system that is pounding southern Alberta. If you are interested you could google a link to The Calgary Herald newspaper. There are lots of pictures and videos. I lived in Calgary several years ago and I can’t imagine what the people there are going though.
    Weird weather !

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