Growing blocks

School is finally out for “summer”!

The last few days I have been very busy with grading, meetings, an award ceremony and two graduation ceremonies. After all of that I needed some “destressing” ! 😉 Not that this last week was very stressful, but I always need a few days to wind down from the roller coaster that we call school year. The new rhythm that goes with the summer months feels a bit strange the first days.

And then there is the massive (huge, humongous, enormous, gigantic…) pile of papers that I seem to accumulate…. OH I just want to walk away from it at this moment. 😉 I need to sift through it all and decide what it going into the recycling bin, what needs to be kept at school or what really really needs to stay in my house. This is one of those chores I dislike to the core. (That is why the pile is soooo large as I keep postponing it, LOL). I will attack the paper pile today!!!

I have been working on “quilt thingies” too! There is one WIP that has now moved on to the quilting stage.

I had invisioned this project to be a “simple patchwork and complicated FMQ” combination. Not everything went perfectly simple (patching) but in the end I got there. In the photo below the seperate blocks are not joined yet. If you look closely you see that the left top corner block is “wrong”. The back ground fabric is directional and I had patched it the wrong way! The pattern of the background fabric is vertical in that block instead of horizontal,. I have to admit it was more visible in real life than it is in this photo. I am glad I caught the mistake in time.

After correcting the mistake I patched the 9 blocks together, basted and started FMQ.

😦 I left my camera battery at work, so I can only show you these horrendous iPad pictures of the progress.

I had hoped that the quilting would show up more on the front, but the fabric is way too busy. Ahum, I should have tested that before I started! The lines are pretty OK, but the “feathers” are almost invisible due to the attention grabbing flower-circles.

On the back, the FMQ stand out much much better! The background fabric is a “shocking neon pink”, it almost hurts your eyes when you look at it. It has the same intensity as the pink on the front.

I will be very happy when I can take pictures with my normal camera again.

I am off now to make myself some tea! Maybe I will sneak in making some brownies…..









12 thoughts on “Growing blocks

  1. I admire teachers and what it takes to wrap up the end of the year. I have a teacher in my life and know first hand how hard you all work. Enjoy your summer – you’ve earned it!! Your FMQ is beautiful! I love how you have laid out your patchwork.

    • Hello Shauna!
      Thank you for the wonderful comment! I find it remarkable how many of the quilters I have met online are teachers themselves, come from a family of teacher(s) or have a relationship with one.., LOL!
      Please give my regard to the teacher in your life!
      Bye bye Esther

  2. Yey! The end of the year and a beautiful quilt! Your stitching is marvelous! That finish is beautiful either side up and I’m glad you ‘caught’ your error early!! Hugs….

  3. Yay for summer!! I’m a teacher too but we’ve been out since Memorial Day. Of course, that also means that I have to go back July 29th. Esther, I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I have just looked at that huge pile and tossed it straight into the recycling bin. yep. Not some of my proudest moments, but sometimes you just have to save your sanity!

    Your quilt looks really pretty! I know that fabric is busy on the front, but it’s so fun, so I still think it was a great choice. When you turn the quilt over, you just get an extra surprise, because the quilting does show up fantastically against that hot pink.

    🙂 Kelly

    • You can say that again! YAY for SUMMER!!!
      Going back to work on the 29th, pffffff! Do not think I could handle that, LOL! Our school start again at the 19 of August. The country is divided in three zones of ending and starting the school year. We were in the “early zone” this year. Next year will have one or two weeks more of classes, yes more work, but also a little bit less stress as we have some more time to finish up the lessons.
      Oh, and I attacked the paper pile today…. it has shrunk already but need some more work! Thanks for your sympathy!

  4. I agree with Kelly: enjoy the fabrics on the front and the quilting on the back. It took me a while to see the problem with the upper left. I hate dealing with directional fabrics. Lucky you to have found the problem in time to fix it.

  5. You know, you’re right, the quilting does disappear in on the front. I think it is a good thing though. It creates an amazing surprise on the back. It’s really lovely, I’m totally impressed!

    • Hello Susan!
      Thank you for your comment! I was a little bit dissappointed at first but you are so right! I am making two quilts for the price of one –> one front view and another on the back!
      Bye Bye

    • Hi Gina!
      Thank you for dropping by! I am having so much fun so far! “Long live summer break!!!”
      The pink quilt is coming along nicely, I have to say. Did not realise it was so time consuming though! Ah, … I have plenty of time! (“Long live summer break” – part 2)

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